what was the very first horror movie that you watched? 🎥🎃

I really don't remember. I've never been badly affected by things I saw in media, so my parents let me watch a lot of stuff when I was young.

My earliest memory of a 'scary' movie was The Dark Crystal. I was about 3-4. My dad came in the room and suggested turning it off because it was darker than he expected it to be, but I cried and pleaded so he let me keep watching it. I know that's not horror, but I guess it does explain why they were so lenient with what I watched after that.

My first horror movie might have been Gremlins if that counts. I know I was really young when I saw it, maybe 5-6 years old.

If not, then my first true horror film was probably either Poltergeist or the original Nightmare on Elm Street. Not sure how old I would have been, but definitely 8 or younger.
I generally avoid them because I am a baby and get scared very easily, but my first two were It (2017) and Lights Out, which I watched at a friend's birthday party in 2017.
A Texas Chsinsaw Massacre 🤢

I didn't like it at all xD Me and my friend went on vacation, and we met up with two guys she knew, who wanted to watch it when we hung out.

It wasn't the first one.. the first one and this one were the only ones ive seen.. I still have no idea WHY I agreed to it. All I know is I didn't enjoy my first horror movie experience lol.
I honestly don't even remember the name of the movie. I don't even know if it was a HORROR movie. But, there was this scene of a clown and his eyes were bleeding. It was really scary. I had to have been like.. 5? 6? But he was in a fountain in a town square of some sort and his eyes were just.. bleeding. I was so scared LOL
I can not remember if I saw the original Pet Semetery first or the original Nightmare on Elm Street but those two movies was the first time watching horror as a young kid and I LOVED it...... I have liked horror movies ever since
Part of Nightmare on Elm Street Four: Dream Master when I was four. I had no idea what I was watching as it was just randomly on the tv at someone’s house and the scene where Debbie dies. I remember finding the turning into a cockroach funny as I didn’t know what was actually happening and then I told my sister about what I had seen and we started to play this game where we re-enacted the scene as I had thought it had happened. I was a bit odd when it came to scary things or what should have been traumatic as a kid. I didn’t know what death was and I wasn’t even affected by Bambi’s mom being killed.