What special things are you looking forward to in March?


May 28, 2021
Arcade Tokens
April Birthstone (Diamond)
Sky Clouds Scenery
Spring Sakura
White Hyacinth
Pink Heart Balloon
Purple Balloon
Sweet Balloon
Sweet Balloon
Yellow Balloon
Sweet Balloon
I saw this idea elsewhere and it was neat seeing all the different answers. Big or small, what are you looking forward to in the coming month? It could be a trip, or a movie, etc. Excitement comes in all sorts of sizes.

I started Game of Thrones in March 2022. I watched Seasons 1-6 but never finished it. So it could be fun to finally go through those last two seasons.

I'm also going to be signing up for Drivers Ed. (Which is mandatory here for an official drivers licence). This has been in my plans for a while, but I decided to wait until Spring for better weather and road conditions.
my birthday is march 1st, im doing some stuff this weekend. hopefully the weather warms up for good because the warm weather yesterday did WONDERS for my mood and i already miss it. plssss bring some spring rain and warmth
Mostly Kung Fu Panda 4, the "Reveal" of the Switch 2, which I think is bogus. I don't believe in rumors! And the two upcoming events on TBT, which are about New Leaf's online closure and the 12 Annual Easter Egg Hunt. (I think a twist is going to happen in this Egg Hunt)
So far, I'm just looking forward to my sister's birthday! I'm sure there will be more to come! 😊💗
I am looking forward to hopefully nicer weather. It has been a miserable hard winter.
So much!

Having my eyes checked to maybe solve a 15 year problem, lol. It's rescheduled for mar 11th, and i hope it goes well.

Weather changes! I like cold weather, but I don't do well without the sun and the outdoors, so I always love when the weather changes in march. Warmer days, more sun, and my allergies aren't horrible yet (that comes in april, lol).

My birthday - march 18th, woohoo!

And the easter egg hunt, of course - Please let it not be solo, please let it not be solo...
Getting potatoes planted.
Getting more fish into my aquarium.
And our anniversary is on March.

I think that's it. Anything else would be unplanned. I hope it warms up in March but I'm not counting on it with how crazy warm February has been.
I’m looking forward to the 5 days I’ve booked off work in March. I’ll finally be able to finish unpacking that last couple boxes from moving and will be able to play the new stardew valley update.
also very excited for stardew update! i haven't played on pc since the switch version released but i'm looking forward to it !

apart from that i guess i'm excited to see dune 2 ! and celebrate mother's day ! and generally just enjoy the (hopefully) warmer weather and lighter evenings
I am so excited for the end of March!! Thankfully Easter overlaps with my beloved @Saylor birthday so she is going to come and visit me for the long weekend! I'm so happy we get to spend her birthday together, I can't wait to see her open her presents 🥰

- TBT's ACNL Online event 🌲
- Texas Rangers baseball home opener (first home game after they won the World Series) ⚾
- The coming of my favorite season, spring! 🍃


- TBT's flower collectible breeding event 🌻
- Honkai: Star Rail's 1 year anniversary 🎮
- April showers 🌧️


- My birthday! 🎂
- The release of My Hero Academia season 7! 🥳
What I am looking forward to in March

New Horizons:
I am looking forward to spring in New Horizons. The melting of the snow was nice and I really like the seasonal bamboo furniture. I haven't really time-travelled yet but I want to experience the sakura season NOW. I will be patient though 🌸

I don't have a 3DS anymore so I won't be able to participate in the New Leaf online event. I am looking forward to the Egg Hunt though. I feel it ending near a certain date will make it very fun 👀

My area needs rain. That is all.
March is gonna be a good month! Next weekend I’ll be camping with my family & best friend from Thursday-Monday.. Then the Stardew update comes out on the 19th, which I’m soo excited for. That will definitely be taking up a lot of my free time. And last, I’ll be going out of town towards the end of the month for a few days with my best friend. We’re renting a super cute airbnb in a city a couple hours away from where we live. I’m definitely most excited for that 🥲
  • My weekly violin lessons which always motivate me and inspire me 🎻
  • Taking my cat Mocha to the vet, I don’t know how well his previous owner took care of him so it’s always good idea to get a checkup. Will also be cool to find out roughly how old he is. I know nothing about him. I got him from my neighbors apartment after he passed away, the building was gonna have him taken to a animal shelter or rescue but I just had a feeling that would be too stressful for him he was already dealing with a lot and cats get stressed especially with huge changes. And I was right. He was so terrified. I don’t know if his last owner was aggressive but I feel like that may have been the case. So I took him. He now lives with me and my cat Mustachio and I named him Mocha. He had no name on his files. He’s already neutered. But yeah, will be good to get a checkup and make sure he’s alright. I feel like he’s starting to adjust a little now. He doesn’t duck low to the ground as much when I try to pet him. And he purrs a lot when I pet him and he really seems to enjoy it when he gets over his initial fear. I thought he was a she but according to the little bit of information on the cat available I now know he’s a boy. 🐈
  • I’m looking forward to trying several recipes from the official Witcher Cookbook my boyfriend got me! So much cool stuff in there 👩‍🍳
  • Looking forward to St. Patrick’s day! Corned beef and cabbage and homemade shamrock shakes! ☘️
  • Excited about drawing more now that I have actual sketching pencils and a pack of colored pencils!! ✍️🎨
  • Of course looking forward as always to spending time with my boyfriend on weekends when he’s off work. Watching Naruto together, movies, playing yugioh/ and or magic the gathering with together. ❤️
  • Reading more of the Your Lie in April Manga! 😃
March? There's nothing in particular I'm looking forward to other than February being over and Mountain Dew officially releasing those two new summer flavors. My soul needs to try Baja Point Break Punch now. I am dying to know if it tastes anything like Taco Bell's discontinued Sangrita Blast of if I'm mistaken.
I wouldn’t really consider it “special”, but the main thing I’m looking forward to in March is my Birthday! 🎉 It’s on March 2nd, so only 3 more days away!

I don’t have anything planned for it aside from hopefully having a peaceful, relaxing day, but I’m still excited for it nonetheless! This week has put a little bit of a damper on it since I ended up with food poisoning yesterday, and I still feel a little sick + very much-so exhausted, so I’m just hoping that I feel 100% better in time. I’m happy that my Birthday’s on a Saturday this year, though! I’m honestly sick of weekday Birthdays; everyone’s always busy on them, including me.

I’m also looking forward to TBT’s 12th Annual Easter Egg Hunt later in the month! TBT’s egg hunts are my absolute favourite forum event, despite how maddening some of the clues can be LOL, so I’ve been looking forward to this since last year’s ended tbh!! I’m excited to see what clues/puzzles we’ll be tortured with have to solve this year, as well as what egg collectibles will be available (aurora egg re-release PLS)!

I’m also curious about the Farewell to New Leaf Online event, though I no longer have New Leaf, so I’ll likely just be watching from the sidelines. I’m sad that the 3DS online servers are shutting down, but I’m happy that TBT is doing one last New Leaf event to “celebrate”. It’s nice to look back on all of the memories I have of New Leaf and playing it online with others. It’s also the reason why I joined TBT in the first place back in 2015, so I’ll always be so grateful for it. 💚
my boyfriend and i are celebrating our anniversary 🥰 we’re planning disneyland days & brazilian steakhouse!

my (very stressful) MA class is ending this sunday (and a new one starts right after BUT at least it’s a fresh start and maybe i can stay on top of my work)

i also have 2 weeks off for spring break which is very much needed considering how burnt out i’ve gotten so early in the week
-For starters, I'm excited for warmer weather and daylight savings time so the sun wil set later and rise later
-I am excited for the new Sum 41 album which sounds pretty freaking good. Unfortunetly it'll be their last album
-My older brother and his wife are moving closer to my home (right next to my other brother) so it'll be a nicer area for them and I get to see them more often. We can also play Pokemon Go more often so it'll be a life saver for me to do raids lmao. I will also be in charge of dog sitting for them so I will finally have a whole day to play and walk the little rascal😇
-Will be celebrating my mothers birthday... just need to figure out what to do for her
bought my sister some tickets to a comedy event as a christmas present and the event is on march 2nd!! i'm super duper excited, hitting up a train too which is highly poggers