What special things are you looking forward to in March?

- Going to Poland for 5 days!
- I have a week off from work
- It will also be the first day of spring during my trip, spring is my favourite season 💖
- Meeting up with my friends on the 13th and 24th :giggle:
- Easter! I also have Easter break off university so will have lots of free time
- Generally the days getting longer, brighter, and warmer ☀️
I was gonna say I'm excited for no more snow in March but we got a little dusting. Hopefully more spring vibes are on their way
I'm going to Prague with my friends at the end of the month which I'm really looking forward to! Particularly because at this point I will also have met most of my deadlines (for now) so I'll be able to breathe a little easier. Also cannot wait for the weather to start warming up at least a little bit