What is your favourite game from your birth year?

I don’t play a lot of games from my birth year, but Plants VS Zombies is a classic so I’ll say that?
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There's not many video games from my birth year that I've played, BUT I did play Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back as a child, so I'd have to say that one. It was a lot of fun at the time.
I was born in 2000 so my favorite game at the time was definitely The Legend of Zelda; Majora's Mask.
My brothers and I played it all the time as a kid, but I will admit it was mainly the siblings that played and I would just watch because I wasn't..... I wasn't very good XD
I'd have to say the other game that was during my birth year was Paper Mario. It was a game we for some reason only had for a little bit during my childhood; so I'm led to believe it was a rental from our local Movie Gallery? Which was a great place to get games and movies, hella awesome place but shut down a couple years later. :/
to be honest, the only game i have played from my birth year (2000) is Kirby 64... and i played it for the first time only last month! so i guess that would have to be my favorite. i did find it really cute, it's gotta have one of the best art styles of any kirby game i've played ^_^ there ARE games from 2000 which interest me but i just haven't played yet. deus ex, banjo-tooie, perfect dark, jet set radio, cool cool toon...

oh man. while writing this post, i realized deSPIRIA is from 2000! i'm not done watching the translation of it yet, but it's seriously awesome. i'm positive it will overtake kirby 64 as my favorite 2000 game once i finish. it might even end up a favorite game in general. just look at these visuals

(warning if you look it up, you may see some robot body horror/blood/nudity... it is a scary game 0_0)
unfortunately it has no official translation nor is it fully translated. but i still recommend checking it out, it's got a really interesting story, and the person who worked on translating it is very sweet and passionate about it
I'd probably say Mario Kart DS. It was my first introduction to the series, and the one I have the most memories of growing up
This is a question I can’t answer. I was born in 1993, and video games didn’t start becoming good until 1996. I’m just not a fan of the pre-N64 era games. So I’ll say none on this.
Let's be honest.. people from 1996 have it pretty hard to choose, no? :LOL:

I will got with Mario Kart 64 🏎️
1996: Super Mario 64. Pokémon Blue/Red is also nice but not really the 1996 version honestly.
NINTENDOGS!! possibly my favorite nintendo franchise as a kid (and now too!!) mario kart ds also came out during 2005, and i just love the mario kart franchise so that too.
mario tennis 64 absolutely, waluigi is so YOKED in that game swear to god he's a cheat code
I guess Final fantasy V from 1992. I am old... And there is not much to choose tbh lol