What is your favourite game from your birth year?


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Jun 13, 2017
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The title says it all! What is your favourite year from the game you were born in?

-I was born in 2001, right at the 'peak' of the GameCube. So I'm gonna have to say my favourite from that year was Pikmin! It's always been one of those cozy games I go back to now and again, and I've become so attached to those silly lil flower guys!

I was born in 1999, my favorite game from that year has to be Spyro 2!! in fact that's one of my favorite games of all time! 💞

I've personally never played a Pikmin game but considering it's been around for this long there must be something about it that makes it worth playing! would love to play the original gamecube game first! 🌼
I was born in '95 and tbh not a lot of games I play came out that year, but I do love Kirby's Dream Land 2 👀
My favorite game from 2002 is The Wind Waker! While it’s not my favorite Zelda game, I still love the artstyle and exploration. The dungeons are a lot of fun too.
Spyro is an AMAZING pick! Especially the second one, those games will always have a special place in my heart!
This might be a controversial opinion, but I actually prefer the controls to the 'New Play Control' Pikmin, which is just GameCube games brought to the Wii with motion controls. I feel like using the in-game cursor is so much easier on that version, so if you consider picking up a copy, I'd recommend the Wii version and save you a few more dollars too
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My favorite game from 2002 is The Wind Waker! While it’s not my favorite Zelda game, I still love the artstyle and exploration. The dungeons are a lot of fun too.
I absolutely loved WindWaker 🙃 It might always be my favourite Zelda game since it was the first one I ever played, and just how CUTE the art style and music in the game is.
I was born in 2004, the same year as the DS was launched so I would have to say Mario 64 DS! Although it's a port, I never had an N64 growing up so it gave me an opportunity to experience the first 3D Mario game for myself! I still have fond memories of exploring Peach's castle and jumping into all the cool paintings <3
I'm going to have to go with Earthbound. Well at the very least, it came out in Japan that year.
I didn't get to play this game until it came to Wii U virtual console.
Pokémon Yellow released in 1998, so I have to pick that for nostalgia purposes. I appreciate any mainline Pokémon game, especially this one.
Oh that’s an easy one, Spyro the Dragon!

It’s my most favorite collectathon genre of all time. I could go through all of the main three classics and never get bored of it.

It’s sad we Spyro fans have gone 5 years without any news on Spyro 4. Thankfully most are expecting a new game next year as that’s the year the Dragon zodiac comes.
I had to google games released in 1993 and there wasn't many I have ever played. Super Mario Allstars was released that year so I'll go with that. Also I have a vague memory of SimCity 2000 which sucks but I liked it as a kid.
I didn't start playing games until 1999 and I was born in 1995 but my first video game was Super Mario World on the SNES. I still replay it to this day because I love it so much.
I'm old. The Gameboy Era.
After googling the year list..
I think it would be Metroid II: Return of Samus. That game looks the most interesting in the list to me. I have messed with some Metroid games before and did enjoy the little time I had with it, but never had the time to seriously play through some of the games.
I was born in 1993; I guess my favorite would be The 7th Guest. I haven't played it but I did watch a stream of it and it's such a wacky game.. very unique
So I'm really old. There's a limited selection of games that came out in 1979. I only found 2 that I recognized and played:

1. Space Invaders Part II
2. Asteroids

I think I rank Space Invaders over Asteroids but it's close. Both are fun games. If I had been born just 2 months later in 1980, I could have chosen Pac-Man.
I can count the people I know who have played it on one hand, but Shin Megami Tensei I, an all time favorite of mine!
fire emblem: the blazing blade! or windwaker's NA release if that counts. looking at this list there's also final fantasy tactics advance, which I haven't played but think I'd really like