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What do you hope to see in the future AC games?


Mar 6, 2024
Out of curiosity, What do you hope to see in the future AC games? for me I'd say that I'd love to see more pro design features! (such as custom shoes or something!)
I really want more and improved interactions with villagers. I'd love to be able to hang out with them at a KK Slider concert or help them with more errands. Maybe even play instruments together with them so we can have a band or be able to give them their favourite dishes etc.
I’d like better items and if there are returning items, them not change how the item looks like they did with like the sloppy bed and other items. I’d like Gracie to return with her furniture sets or better ones and her clothes too (just not recycled and redone like i noticed at least a few had been. I’d also like the villagers have better dialogue and interaction; maybe games you can play with them and items you can only get by doing the game. I’d like the house and room size be like it was in NL at least. The events be a little more fleshed out and different than how they were in NH. Better rewards too.

That’s all I can think of right now.
new villager personalities would be really cool! or at least, villagers personalities no longer separated by gender (example: cranky girl villagers, peppy boy villagers, stuff like that basically).
I’d like more fleshed out farming. New Horizons introduced pumpkin farming and it’d be cool if they added more crops as an alternative way to make a lot of bells.

Split screen multiplayer would be great. It’d be cool to play with other players who live on the same island at the same time rather than taking turns.
Split screen multiplayer would be great. It’d be cool to play with other players who live on the same island at the same time rather than taking turns.
This is already a thing in NH, isn’t it? You can play in local multiplayer if you’ve got more than one player living on your island (this is probably why it’s one island per system)
Similar to what a previous poster said, I would love more in-depth interactions with the villagers. Building friendships is my favorite aspect of Animal Crossing. I want to see a bigger variety of dialogue. Like most of the dialogue has been, a lot of it can be typical dialogue said regardless of certain factors (except for personality), but I would also love a lot of the dialogue to depend on other factors such as the season, time of day, day of the week, month of the year, upcoming (or current) holiday (or event), species...and most importantly, how badly or well you treat said villager. The latter can also go for how they greet you and the letters they write back to you.
* Normal villagers for example can start off as really shy, but reveal their sweetness more and more as you build a friendship with them. If you treat them negatively? Make them scared of the player.
* Cranky villagers can start off as slightly irritated at you, but should gradually grow to care a great deal about you if you make an effort to befriend them. If you treat THEM negatively, have them become REALLY annoyed (even ANGRY) by the player's presence. More interactions would also be appreciated, such as hugging a villager you have befriended enough. A bigger variety of favors, and more in-depth ways to help villagers, such as making them soup when they are sick.

Next, I would love to see something similar to Main Street from New Leaf, but maybe even more in-depth. There are so many buildings to unlock and the Nooklings had a variety of upgrades. I want to see something like THIS again. I also love the idea of these buildings being in a separate area again like in NewLeaf, since it frees up space in our town.

I also want the sets that were in New Horizon's predecessors to come back, along with new sets in each future game. I miss the lovely, regal, and rococo sets so much. And the new refurbishing feature makes these sets even better since you can have Cyrus make them into a color you prefer. For example, I already love the regal series (though Lovely is my favorite), but I love it even more in New Leaf, since I can make have Cyrus turn the yellow frame/trim to pink (my favorite color). Same with rococo. It has brown shades by default, but I can have Cyrus refurbish the rococo pieces to have pink and white variants. I would also love a wider choice between variants for each set.

I would also love something similar to Public Works Projects to make a return, except we should not have to rely on our villagers to unlock them. Like, it would be neat for them to request us to put down specific ones, but it should not be how we unlock them, considering we cannot always force a villager to ping. Plus, going back to my first thing, one of the things I would like for more in-depth villager interactions is a bigger variety of reasons to ping, causing relying on pings to unlock PWPs to become even more frustrating.

I will leave it off here for now. I will talk about some more later. ^^
Just thought of one more thing I’d add, which is different room shapes and hallways in player’s houses. Right now every room is a perfect square. It’d be cool if maybe they added the option of rectangular rooms and hallways between rooms to make the houses feel a little more like actual houses.
much more character customization! more hairstyles, eye/hair/skin colours... and please for the love of god let me be an animal rather than a human lol

other than that though my main thing is really character interactions. more errands, more dialogue, more things to do together... moonbyu and shawna both took the words right outta my mouth.
The biggest thing right now for me is improving the villager's interactions. With the rise of AI, I wonder if that could somehow be implemented in a way that would make the villagers have distinct personalities and also have a continuous flow of new things that they'll say instead of repeating.

I don't know much about AI, myself, but if it could be used to finally give us a great villager interaction system I would love that so much. In a game like New Horizons, this is what was really missing from it, otherwise it is an amazing game that brought a lot to the series.