what devices do you own?

Steam Deck
mini PC
Nintendo 3DS XL pokemon x edition (which I'm not keeping for long)

Other things I had were sold or traded off.
i've got a yellow switch lite and PS5.

sold my xbox one + 3DS last year and my wii a few years ago. i miss my wii too ;_;
Currently, I only own a Switch, though my husband has a Steam Deck, NES, and an additional Switch.

I used to have a lot more variety.
I have a bunch of gaming machines I've collected over the years.As far as I know they all still work:

-Nintendo Switch
-Nintendo Switch Lite
-Nintendo 3DS
-New Nintendo 3DS
-Nintendo 2DS
-New Nintendo 2DS
-Nintendo Gamecube
-Nintendo Wii
-Nintendo 64

-Xbox 360
-Xbox One
-Xbox Series S

-PlayStation 2
-PlayStation 3

-Sega Saturn
-Sega Dreamcast

Used to own:

-Sega Genesis
-Super Nintendo
-Original PlayStation
At my childhood home, a Wii U and Switch. I shared the Wii U with my brothers, and the Switch was mine, but I gave it to them after I moved out.

Now I just have my flip phone, laptop, and 3DS.
  • OLED Switch
  • Regular Switch
  • 3DS
  • PS3 (now broken, oops)
  • PS2
  • Wii
  • Mobile phone for Pocket Camp and maybe some games
heyo, ive got a 3ds, wii, first gen switch, ps vita, gaming computer, xbox one, xbox 360, ps4, ps2, and a gameboy advance

out of all, i think what i spend the most time on is my 3ds, with my ps vita in close second. I love ace attorney and animal crossing nl so those two really carry my game time : )
i only have my nintendo switch lite, my phone, and my computer right now 💀 i'm saving for a switch 2 whenever that comes out, or i may just get a regular ol' switch. not too sure yet.
Let's see:

- Steam Deck (which I play Gamecube, Wii, DS, PS2, PS3, etc games on through emulation and PC)
- Nintendo Switch
- Nintendo Switch Lite
- Nintendo 3DS
- PlayStation 4
- Xbox Series X
- Gaming PC
- Gaming Laptop
- iPad (Current Generation)
- iPhone XR

- Will definitely get Switch 2 on release
- Gaming PC
- iPhone 12
- iPad Air
- Kindle (my baby)

My bf also has a PS5.

I'm hoping to treat myself to a Steam Deck when I graduate in July!
I have a neon red/blue Switch and an ACNH Switch, a 3DS XL, Wii U, GameCube, SNES Classic, Zelda Game & Watch, and Wii, although I've given that one to my sister.
I've got a good few! My personal consoles include a Nintendo DS Lite, a 3DS XL, a PS Vita (which I might sell to be fair, the only games I wanted for it both got Switch ports basically right after I got it lmao 😭), and a Switch. I've also got an iPhone 11 that I occasionally use for games, and my new laptop should do a lot better for gaming than my old one!
As for family consoles, we have a PS4, an Xbox 360, and a Wii, although the PlayStation is the only one of those that really sees any use anymore.
Some of my devices are in storage so I don't have access to all of these currently but I own
  • Gameboy Advance SP -My first gaming device, still works and charges last I tried but I do expect this to die on me at some point.
  • GameCube
  • Wii
  • 3DS XL
  • Switch Lite
  • Laptop -probably can't run much for games anymore but I used to play a lot on it
  • Gaming PC
  • Phone - I don't play a lot of phone games but I could
A few others have mentioned a Steam Deck which is probably the device I'm most interested in if I was going to get something new.
I'm only going to list the things I actively use for gaming because I'm a tech hoarder and the designated hand me down old useless give tech to hand me down person and if I listed everything I would look crazy.

I had an original 3DS that I got for my birthday, it was preowned from Gamestop. 2 years later the 3D slider broke so I couldn't turn it off, so I thankfully was able to get a new one. I realized last year that I could've use parental controls to turn off the 3D, and didn't need to get a new DS. I still think the upgrade was worth it though. I sold the original 3DS last year.
My favorite games on the 3DS are ACNL, Neko Atsume, Tomodachi Life, and the Ace Attorney Series. I also play my DS games on here (my DS broke when I was 5 or 6, when my toddler brother somehow RIPPED IT APART with his BARE BABY HANDS). My favorite DS games are Cooking Mama and Pucca Power Up.

✴ Playstation Vita
I love my vita to death, I used it basically every day in Middle School. Granted it was literally just my Persona game playing machine but it was worth it because I spend those years obsessed with Persona 4. Everyone would ask me why I had a PSP and I would say it's not a PSP but wouldn't elaborate further. My favorite games on it are Persona 4 Golden, Persona 2 Innocent Sin, and Persona 4 Dancing All Night!

✴ Playstation 2
I got this fairly recently to play some games that I grew up playing at other people's houses (I didn't own a ps2 growing up). I only have 3 games on it right now but I wanna expand that. I have Persona 4. Persona 3 FES, and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2. I got Persona 3 for my brother to play on it, I played Persona 3 Portable and was satisfied with that version of it. I want Winnie The Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure.

✴ Xbox One
Honestly I have no reason to have this anymore but I do have it. So I'm adding it. My favorite games I have on it on Catherine and South Park: The Stick of Truth. Both of which I play on Steam anyway. This console was a KILLER media machine when I got it though.

✴ Playstation 4
Was technically my brother's but I still had my games for it and when he got a PS5 he gave it to me. My favorite game on it is Spiderman PS4, then Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal (which I rate about equally).

✴ Wii U
I love my Wii U to death and I've been defending it since it's release, I remember being in class and my teacher asking if she should get her kids a Wii U or an Xbox for Christmas and I was the only one very loudly making a case for the Wii U.
My favorite games on it are Splatoon, Mario 3D World, and Nintendo Land. I also play my Wii games on here, my favorite Wii games are Wii Party, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Fit. I'm literally the Wii U plug and I bring it in a backpack so me n the homies can play the best party games ever released.

✴ Nintendo Switch
I'm soooo conflicted on my Switch because on one hand I love it, and on the other hand I'm disappointed by it. I feel like I haven't really enjoyed playing on it since 2019. I have a Animal Crossing Edition Switch that I got for my birthday in 2020 which I'm really happy with.
My favorite games on it are Splatoon 2, Breath of the Wild, and Mario Odyssey. I also like project diva because it forces me to not waste my arcade credits on the miku machine by telling myself "there's miku at home play a different game, play the wacca machine"

✴ My PC
I recently have mainly been playing games on my PC, because I more and more have been primarily been playing Indie games and playing games in a Discord call with my friends. I use Steam and Itch.io, my favorite games on Steam are Stardew Valley, Dont Starve Together, Lethal Company, and The Wolf Among Us. My favorite games from Itch.io recently are Democratic Socialism Simulator, Pumpkin Panic, Death and Taxes, and Butterfly Soup 2 (Which I STILL need to finish I love Butterfly Soup).

✴ Honorable Mentions
My phone, I love Mystic Messenger and Miitomo (I miss Miitomo)
My macbook air, Whiskey (application) is awesome and I can play my Windows only games on my laptop now.
how fun!! love seeing everyone's collections. here's what i've got:

  • gameboy color in transparent purple - i feel like i should check up on it and make sure it still works...
  • gameboy advanced sp (limited NES edition) - sadly it's in poor condition but it still plays! one of my favorite games on there is the namco gallery which has galaga on it. spent so many hours playing that game.
  • original release ds (the super clunky one!!)
  • original release wii + a ton of gamecube games
  • dsi xl - i don't play this one very often but from time to time i'll revisit old puzzle games like professor layton.
  • 3ds - i wasn't super big into gaming when the 3ds came out so i only have a few games (namely animal crossing) but still very fond of the console + super mario 3d land.
  • nintendo switch - love love love my switch, ive played thousands of hours on it and the battery life is still going strong almost 5 years later.
  • gaming pc - i don't game on pc too much but some of my favorite games of the moment are the sims 3 and big ambitions.
  • not really a "gaming console" per se but I have a modest collection of tamagotchis as well :)
I own a lot of consoles and handhelds that I play games on! Just going through what I have:
  • Nintendo 64 - My very first console, my original kinda stopped working but the second one I got is still working well
  • Nintendo GameCube - Stopped reading discs, unfortunately
  • Nintendo Wii - My first one (an original release day one) stopped reading discs, though my current one (one of the red ones) is working well
  • Nintendo Wii U - Working well after getting it repaired
  • Nintendo Switch - Gotten in 2017, it's still working well
  • NES Classic Edition - I haven't played it too much, but it's still working well
  • PlayStation 2 - It's still working well, last I checked
  • PlayStation 4 - It kept running into errors every so often, so it's now in storage
  • PlayStation 5 - It's working well
  • Xbox 360 - My original Xbox 360 ended up running into the Red Ring of Death problem, though my second one (an Xbox 360 S) is working well
  • Game Boy Color - The batteries in it corroded, so I don't dare touch it, lmao
  • Game Boy Advance - It's still working alright whenever I use it, though the lack of backlighting honestly makes it a pain to play these days
  • Nintendo DS - I have 3 of these, an original that I don't use, a white DS Lite that I don't use, and a red DS Lite that I haven't used in awhile but should still work alright
  • Nintendo 3DS - I have a release year red one that's still working well
Plus I also use my laptop for playing PC games, though its performance isn't the best so I haven't bothered getting too many modern PC games as a result.
A PS4, Switch, and Wii U, a 2DS with some slight scuffy scratches on the screen :( Wii U was my childhood console that no longer sees much use.

Eventually I'll upgrade the PS4. Not much need to do so right now. (nor do I have the funds).

I also have an Xbox 360 that isn't currently plugged in.