What Are You Happy About Today?

It's been a week since i got my cat and she is LOVING me! She sits in my lap and gets all comfy, she's eating her food(at the shelter she wasn't so that's a big deal), she's sleeping on my bed(rather than the cat bed we got her), she follows me so much, I just love her!! I'm kinda like a mom figure to her(despite her being 3 years old, it's more like the "owner mom").
It's almost impossible to get sad when you have a cat!!
Spent the day yesterday with friends & now I'm preparing for the new semester to begin. I'm actually quite excited for my classes this time, so hopefully my ambition maintains. I'll also get to see my boyfriend tomorrow. :blush:
I have a one day work week! My brothers home on holiday (he was doing a course on another island), so I'm taking almost every day off this week to stay home and catch up ^-^

I guess on the downside I've got a metric poop load of work to do today to compensate...