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What answers do you give?


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Oct 14, 2020
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Some games give you options to responses to characters talking to you. There's always the reasonable/agreeing option

But then there's the silly answer sometimes, or option the NPCs don't want.

Like in Arceus you can give the most heroic option, like *yes, I will do that* or *I'm ready!*

Or you can sound like a whimp and give them a *No I'm not ready* or *don't want to* which often gives your character a really funny expression. I always go with the whimpy answer. It's the funny option. There's also a chance of making the npc angry from them

I kinda annoyed Raymond one time by accedent cause he was ssking something about what my favorite thing was or what something else was, and i said it was a secret. Then he got surprised and thought I was keeping something top secret from him xD told me I didn't have to hide anything from him.
In other words, do you like the intended option or do you like to say the option that is either silly or just the *wrong* choice in general.
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silly/wrong option!!!!



with the exception if the silly option really messed up a chapter/story beat or something in which case, i'd see if i could go back somehow. pikmin 4 made me feel not cool when i chose the wrong answer
I pick the option which allows me to proceed in the game. I was playing Mario Party Superstars, and a Luigi kept saying "no" when asked to buy a star. Toadette wouldn't take no for an answer, and kept asking the question until Luigi agreed to buy the star. I had no idea you would be asked repeatedly if you decline. That's funny to me.
I’m a chronic people pleaser, so I almost always choose the right answer. I hate feeling like I’ve upset or disappointed anyone, even fictional characters in a game LOL, so choosing the wrong or silly answer never makes me feel good. When choosing what answer to give, I also try to imagine what I would say if I was actually having the conversation with someone in real life. If I was asked a question and knew the right answer to it, I wouldn’t give a wrong or silly answer instead just for fun. I would give the right answer, so I try to apply that logic to the games I play as well.

However, if I’m playing a game where the answers I give will lead to different outcomes and/or game endings, then I’ll usually replay the game after finishing it for the first time (and choosing all the right answers) to choose the wrong and silly answers instead, just to see how it changes the gameplay and the game’s ending.
I almost always go for the correct options in games, unless an option is just way too funny to pass up and the situations is low-stakes/doesn't really change the result ahahah. ;v; Or if there's flirty dialogue with characters I'm not interested in (like a lot of farming sims have with characters with high-affinity), then I usually shut that down pretty quick even if the answer is obviously "wrong".
But otherwise, I generally like playing the hero archetype and getting along well with most everyone.

Although if dialogue choices actually affect the story in some way, I always make sure to pick the correct options even if they're not what I'd normally choose. I don't want my ending impacted because I chose the incorrect favorite flower at the beginning or something. 😅 If I'm still too tempted, I might save/reload or use a cutscene gallery feature to test out the other options.
It depends on the type of game, but I have to admit that I typically love saying "no" whenever possible just to see how characters will react. I love that in at least some of the Paper Mario games, you can game over yourself by saying no enough times. And IMO Psychonauts has one of the funniest "but thou must" loops if you keep saying no to Agent Cruller about being ready near the end of the game. Sometimes I don't bother if it seems a little too mean, though, especially in RPGs.
It depends. If my answers will greatly impact the story/ending, then I might try to pick answers that I think will achieve the outcome I want.

If the answers don't really matter at all then I might just pick the one that's closest to how I would respond or one that I think seems funny and would cause the character to have a funny response.
Goofy answers are my priority.

Also, if a game asks me to do something, I always test what will happen when I select "no," even though I know perfectly well that there's a 99% chance it will just repeat the question until I select yes.
I've played a bit of Arceus and sometimes only one of the options actually moves the story along. So you can keep clicking on the bottom, but it will just go in loop until you hit the one they want you to do. I like when the options actually have consequences and don't just circle back to the same outcome.
If I can play things through to pick all of the different dialogue options that's what I'll do because I love to see the options of absolutely everything.
If I have to pick just one answer and continue on then I pick the right/correct/hero guy answer. I'm not that bold to pick the funny or sassy answer 🙈
Usually I'll pick whatever option I agree with most. If I agree with both or neither, then I'll select whatever's needed for the story to go on.
I like to give the snarky options if there are any. Sometimes I like giving the incorrect options just to see the reactions. Some games the options don't matter so I pick the one that I find myself answering if I was in that game.
It depends on the game and the tone of the current situation, plus my overall mood at that moment. I lean toward choosing silly answers just out of sheer curiosity, but in general I end up going for the "canon" answer, so to speak. It fits the flow of the story, as though I were reading a book.

I love to see what kinds of witty responses you could get from NPCs, to see how far the game developers thought ahead. Sometimes they sprinkle their own personal humor in there. A good example is the Rune Factory games lol such as the descriptions of the crops, monsters, townspeople, etc.

Sometimes I want my hero to be kind and sympathetic and heroic, other times I want them to be boring. And sometimes I just want them to be a cynical ******* to everyone lmao it's funny 😂
the spectrum of how far games will take dialogue choices is really interesting to me. It is wildly different between devs.
sometimes having the ability to screw up an interaction or lock yourself out of progressing feels really unfair if you've been chatting to an npc just fine for a few minutes then have them angry and walking away from you after you push the wrong button.

I remember this being super jarring in elder scrolls, particularly oblivion. It's fun to be able to stick to "I'm a rude jerk" or "I'm a noble hero" and play through an rpg, but it seems really quite difficult to write and code these things. I think it's something that'll be focused on with technology advancements.

to answer the question, if the game lets me, I will be the most miserable terrible awful person unleashed onto this poor, unassuming digital world. most games force you to pull back for the sake of "saving the day and being the hero" storyline.
It mainly depends on if I like the character I'm talking to or if I want to do the thing they're asking me to do. Like if I like a character I'll usually use nice or agreeable dialog but if I don't like them then I'm usually sarcastic, begrudging or snarky; but I'm almost never outright mean. And if they're asking me to do something like "Please save my child!" I'll respond more nice/selfless than if they're asking me to do their chores because they're too lazy to. And if I'm positive a game won't let me say no I like to try most of the time unless I just want to move on.
I do a mix of good and bad unless there is a reward for answering the questions a certain way
Sometimes I choose the silly answer but I usually just pick the intended one. I don't think I've played many games that didn't just loop for you to pick the right answer or force you to do the right answer.
It depends. I'd like to pick the sarcastic and goofy answers, but something like Persona has a point system on the line and that causes a penalty. Without these penalty systems I'd rather pick the goofy choices.