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What answers do you give?

Goofy options are hard to resist, and sometimes I will take the hit and go for them despite the consequences.

I'm always amused when games hand you a Game Over if you say say no enough times or pick the Very Obvious Wrong Choice. :p

But I like being right and picking the 'correct' choice all other times, especially if I'm aiming for a particular outcome.
Honestly, it depends on the game. Generally, if the choice doesn't matter, I'll tend to choose whatever answer is the most funny to me. For games like Skies of Arcadia: Legends, where there's choices that positively/negatively impact the game, I'll choose the correct answer in order to positively impact things and play the correct way. Though with something like Mass Effect 2, where you had the whole Paragon or Renegade system, I ended up just going with mostly Renegade choices since that felt in-character for how I played it, lol.
I try to choose the correct answer whenever possible. Either correct to the game or correct to my heart ;)
Its a case by case scenario reccomendations are simpler but for more personal issues around close peers of mine online its more so detailed but either way you'd still get the same honesty as one would expect from me i can't really say i consider myself a people pleaser tho since i don't want anyone to expect to agree with me but at the same time i would rather hear them hear my thoughts out and decide for themselves whether or not to go through with said advice.
Honestly, most games don’t have interesting enough responses to questions for me to care. Disco Elysium is the only one I’ve played where your choices actually shape your character and more games need that, even if it isn’t at the same level. I know there are more I need to get to, primarily BG3 and New Vegas seem to actually have this design philosophy I’m looking for (trinity of CRPGs where you can actually roleplay as wildly different archetypes!! I think KOTOR also counts), but there’s slim pickings despite so many games having a huge focus on story.

Design the story in your game to be truly interactive rather than a rollercoaster with occasional choices for entertainment and I’ll care more. Those random tangents in RPGs that don’t actually matter, I don’t care.

Kind of a bummer answer. I’ll usually pick the weird answer to see if the game will really embrace it and I’m yet to be surprised other than DE.
I usually go back and forth between the agreeable answers and the goofy ones. I have no method or process for it, I just pick whatever feels natural. Lol.
as long as there's no penalty system that ruins any potential rewards, i like choosing the silly/blatantly wrong answers.
If I know it has little to no weight on the game then I tend to go for the silly answers.
It depends on the game and the character I'm playing. Sometimes I'll pick based on what I would say or what I think makes sense for a character's personality. Other times, especially if I'm replaying a game, I'll try to pick options that will lead to dialogue or quests I want to see.

EDIT: I often like picking silly answers, too!