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The Power Of Music


Senior Member
Jun 14, 2005
It was a quiet day in the Goodman's house, nice calm, sunny, just a perfect day, Rebbeca was cooking some lunch, she really loved to cook, it made her life almost worth living, she would say, then kneel down wwith her hand tuching, young Tim's brown curly hair, but what realy makes my life worth living, are you guys, then a big smile would jump on to her face.

She soon saw Young Tim, and said, " Tim there you are! Come here, tell me what do you think of this..." the door opened, and sense father wasn't home, that means he was back, Tim quickly left the kitchen and ran for the front door. Naturaly, it was his dad. Normally, a chilid wouldn't be this excited, but Tim's father said that he would give him the best present a man could ask for, a present, that made souls sing, a present that symbolised the chorus of a thousend angles! This present, gave hope to poeple when there was noting left to hope for. This present...was a present like no other.

This wasn't well-written at all... If you're going to write a story, at least make sure it is spelled correctly, makes sense and has proper punctuation. Once you get that down, come see me again. I may seem mean, but this is another in a long stream of fan-fics you have made...