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The Member FAQ, EDITED


Retired Staff
Jan 15, 2005
Astral Inner Planet Floating Gold #10
They're testing the tornado alarms... it's very annoying...

BULERIAS, you can hear them... they're Minnesota-wide. Pretty annoying, eh?
I'm in Illinois and a storm will be here tomorrow!
I think south of me though but there where tornadoes predicted!
It has been a pretty dry spring so far LOL.
Hello, and welcome to the Member FAQ thread! You can read up on TBT's most popular members here. Some are known for good things, and others fr the opposite, but this makes a great reed nonetheless. I hope you enjoy my work here, although Smart_Tech or Pikmino42 will be editing this thread from now on.

Legend -

PR- Popularity Rating
TZ- Time Zone

G- Gender

<big><big><big>The Staff -</big>

STORMTROOPER88888 (PR- 10/10) (TZ-Est.) (G-Male)
The leader, founder, and admin of The Bell Tree. He is a great person, and has also started the Animal Crossing Ask Center. He loves Star Wars, and has great ideas that benefit The Bell Tree enormously, which include The Bell System, and other things.

BULERIAS PR - 10/10 (TZ-Cen.) (G-Male)
That's me; I was made admin here after I merged my Nintendo Forums with TBT. I was a Global Mod before that. People call me strict, but I look past that and continue to do my job. I am the Vice President at the ACAC, and I love it. I have created many contests here, and am currently running one of the biggest RPs here, The War of The Mushroom Kingdom. I am also planning some big things for TBT... Stay tuned!

BASTOISE99 PR - 10/10 (TZ-Est.) (G-Male)
BASTOISE99 was recently made Admin, after being a Global Mod for some time. He became a Global Mod after he was an outstanding Local Mod in the Gamecube board. It was his goal to become an admin at TBT, and the goal is finally achieved.

TYOSHI90 PR - 6.9/10 (TZ-?) (G-Male)
TYOSHI90 helped The Bell Tree start out, as did BASTOISE99 and myself. After December 25th, he mysteriously vanished and never appeared on Nsider or TBT again, until just recently. He just recently gave up his position on Global Mod, and was recently a Veteran of TBT, until he was made a Sage. He is kept in the Staff position still because he was once part of it.

LINKERATOR96761 PR - 7.5/10 (Tz-Pac.) (G-Male)
LINKERATOR96761 is originally the first member of my Nintendo Forums; he was a Global Mod there. When we merged with TBT, he became the Local Mod of the Spam Board, but was shortly made Mod of all three Off-Topic boards. He is very funny. One the day of Smart_Tech_Dragon_15's Local Mod coronation, he was made a Global Mod. After his inactivity, he asked to be demoted to Local Mod, and that's where he stands today, modding the boards he modded months ago.

Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 PR - 10/10 (TZ-Cen.) (G-Male)
Valoo, as he is called, was the first sage of TBT. He was the Vice President of the ACAC, until he resigned recently. He is a great person, and he has one of the best creative minds that I have ever seen. He just recently became a Global Moderator. He is a fan of Star Trek, all of the series, and has created The Slang Thread at Technical Support. He also manages The Who's What Rank List, and creator of ST's Screen Test. He also hosts TBT Trivia, a very popular game at TBT.

PikMino42 PR - 10/10 (TZ-Cen.) (G-Male)
PikMino42, or Mino, as he is called by PIRANHA2, is the newest Global Mod at TBT. He first was an Admin to help with domain work, but was demoted to sage so that he could get a formal "inauguration" into the staff. After being made a Local Mod of TBT, after a few weeks, he became a Global Mod, which he currently is today. He makes jawsome sigs, and has great ideas. He heads the annual Smiley Elections that are held at TBT HQ; they are currently in Phase 1. PikMino42 is a grump at times, but is still a GREAT person. He was runner-up in the Sage Competition.

<big><big><big>Sages -</big>

SPORGE27 (TZ-?) (G-Male)
SPORGE27 became a sage after winning one of the annual AT Contests at the ACAC. He has started the hugely popular Termina Cafe, which originally started in the RP board, but was moved to the Spam Site due to spamming. Termina Cafe is still a hit, and is the largest RP in TBT.

PKMNRULES! (TZ-?) (G-Male)
PKMNRULES!, which means Pokemon Rules, not Pikmin Rules, became a sage after winning an AT Contest at the ACAC. He has been idle for the last couple of months, but was active before. His accomplishments aren't many, but are pretty notable. He made some of the most original threads back when TBT was young and ripe.

ZERO_13 (TZ-Est.) (G-Male)
ZERO_13 is the only member that became a sage due to good posting, and just being a good overall member. He helps a lot of people at Technical Support, and is a pretty good person to talk to. My friendship with him started off rocky, but then went off to better things.

Fish(TZ-?) (G-Male)
Called fish by PIKMIN042, he, might I say, is the prankster of TBT. He has co-created the most popular RP (Cafe Fish) in the Role Playing board. He is apparently a good friend of PIKMIN042. He was also the winner of the Sage Competition.

<big><big><big>Normal Members -</big>

BAMBAM! (TZ-Est.) (G-Male)
BAMBAM! is a great person, overall. He creates great RP's, and a lot of them as well. He seems to like the Spam Site, and so does his friend, THEBOBINATOR (more on him later). BAMBAM! has a lot of stores at TBT Store, and is a great member. He got third place in the Sage Competition. Although he is gone for now, because he was perma-banned for an incident he caused, we can expect a return from Bam in alternate account form.

Pie_Or_Die (TZ-?.) (G-Male)
PoD is a wonderful person. He creates great graphics, any kind, really. He is also comical, and sometimes hot-blooded. He is a JAWESOME person to talk with, and remember - PoD >You.

A very good friend of BAMBAM!. He has brought the llama smiley here, which was deleted later.

DSCUBER9000 (TZ-?) (G-Male)
As his name suggests, he is a fan-boy of the DS and Nintendo as a whole. He hates the PSP, which is particularly evident in some of his sigs, which show the cons of the PSP.

UltraByte (TZ-?) (G- Female)
The best spritemaker at The Bell Tree, period. She is famous here for her different Sonic sprites, so if you need any sprite, don't hesitate to ask her for some! She has also been very active recently. One of the best members of TBT, currently.

Who said brother's can't be together on forums? AVGANONDORF is the brother of BULERIAS, and is about the same age as Justin125. He is an avid Tank Attack player, and his favorite opponent is Smart_Tech, aka Valoo.

GBMASTER1022 (TZ-?) (G-?)
Apparently, he knows STORM very well. GBMASTER1022 once created some forums, where I was made Global Mod, but was later banned for abusing my powers. I think that him making his forums started TBT out.

JJRAMONE2 (TZ-?) (G-Male)
JJ is one of the most active members at TBT. He is a good candidate to become a sage. Although his and PoD's shop hasn't been very active lately, he is still known for some really cool sigs he's made. He, at one time, was also the leader of The Gyroiders, a cabin at the late Chalet Redd.

You might know him from Nsider; he has made the very popular Mayor, Senate, and other political voting threads at the Crossing Guardian. They are currently put to an end, due to constant fighting and talking about Kmart.

A rival sig maker to PIKMIN042. He has made jawsome sigs, and his banner is currently being used for TBT.

LINK1704 (TZ-?) (G-Male)
Also a great sig maker, but not as good as JAPANLOVER or PIKMIN042.

LT.AGAR (TZ-?) (G-Male)
From what I know, he writes fantastic reviews.

He has won, I believe, the most AT Contests. Although he's not very active at TBT, his job is to post the Afternoon Topic each and every day at the Animal Crossing Ask Center.

If you have ever been to the Crossing Guardian, then you have heard of MSHRMBIRDO. He has created hugely popular thread like Gulliver's Travels, Animal of the Week, and many more. He deserves to be the Local Knight of the Crossing Guardian, if we ever need one.

He was once a very active ACAC member, but ended up forgetting about his buddies STORM, myself, BASTOISE99, and TYOSHI.

SUNATE (TZ-?) (G-?)
Apparently, SUNATE helped BAMBAM! with the AC Story Book, which later became a section at TBTW.

SLACKER6 (TZ-?) (G-?)
He is a member of the ACAC. He was pretty productive, until he just vanished. Another victim of the Last Tree Curse...

I don't know much about him...

WHODAT23 (TZ-?) (G-male)
He headed the last 2 or 3 of the Political threads at the Crossing Guardian. KING'O'HYRULE gave the reigns to WHODAT23, for some reason, but it wasn't a very good idea to continue the political threads altogether.

CYNDAQUIL34 (TZ-Est.) (G-Male)
The master storyteller of TBT and the Crossing Guardian. If you have ever been to the Crossing Guardian, you have heard of him and his stories, that's for sure. He currently writes for the AC Story Book.

Was once a very active member of TBT and the ACAC. Ended up forgetting about the ACAC and TBT.

DSFAN121 (TZ-?) (G-Male)
DSFAN121 is currently known as a bad person; he started the biggest flame war of the ACAC. But his reputation is getting better, and I think that he is a good person; he just doesn't know the consequence of some actions.

Triforce3force (TZ-?) (G-Female)
She was one of the first members of the ACAC; check the first page for her post right at the bottom, as TRIFORCE4FORCE.

AC1983FAN (TZ-Est.) (G-male)
One of the regulars of TBT, and is a great person to chat with. He has also won the Mr. Spam contest.

Justin125 (TZ-Pac.) (G-Male)
One of the youngest members of The Bell Tree, he's a fantastic speller for his age. He has opened his Bet Store, where you can really make some big bells. Justin125 was also the first winner of trivia at TBT.

MasterDSX (TZ-?) (G-Male)
The third president of The Bell Guard, he is especially talented with making Nintendo smilies and sig add-ons. He is also the founder and head administrator at a few of his own IF forums, known as Super Smash Center and The Kennel.

DarthGohan1 (TZ-Cen.) (G-Male)
He is one of the employees of The Bell Guard, and one of the most enthusiastic at that. He had some ideas that TBG might implement. He has also given the idea to ask Admins and Mods to update this with information from the user themselves. He also plays Forum Games regulary, with Smart Tech as his rival.

ZeldaFreak104 (TZ-Est.) (G-Male)
One of Smart Tech's greatest game rivals, Zelda will sometimes play against Smart in a game of Tank Attack or Sub War. Zelda was an admin of 2 forums, but unfortunately they failed. Zelda runs a blog, and won the April 2005 AT Contest. Zelda is also currently the record holder of most Quadra Line games won.

Monkey09 (TZ-?) (G-?)
A member of Nintendo's official NSider Forum, Monkey also is a member here, as well as the Super Smash Center, an IF Forum, and the Kennel, ran by MasterDsX. Monkey usually knows about current matters at TBT, and makes good sigs.

PKMNMasterSamus (TZ-Cen.) (G-Male)
PKMNMasterSamus is a true Nintendo fan. He also loves Pokemon as well. Yes, it is kind of weird that he has a girl's name for his name, but that's the name he picked. Right now PKMNMasterSamus has just joined, but it seems like he is going to be a very active here. Other forums he is part of are: Nsider, Super Smash Center, The Nintendo Zone, He is also a very fast typer, and nice. PKMNMasterSamus is also the newest member on record that has held the Trivia Master rank.

If you want your data added, send it to Smart Tech or Mino in a PM. We will be glad to edit it in for you.
<big><big><big><big><big>The Who's What Rank List</big></big></big></big></big><big><big>

Hello users, Smart Tech here. Welcome to the Who's What Rank List. This not only serves as a reference to who is what rank, but will also serve as an archive to those that have held a temporary rank (e.g. Mr. Spam). Normal members, to get on this list, you must either be at rock or above (the qualification will rise if a lot of people get rock), or you must win a title from a contest. Any other members like Admins and Mods already have reserved places on the list.

Administrating Ranks

Global Moderators:

Local Moderators:

Special Ranks

TBT Veteran:

Normal User Ranks
Fruit Tree:

There is currently no one at the ranks from Forbidden NES to Bell.





Red Rock:


Won Ranks
Mr. Spam:

A.T. Contest Winner:

[color=33cccc]Trivia Master:

Trivia Accomplisher:

Past Rank Holders (For Winnable Ranks Only)
Mr. Spam:

A.T. Contest Winner:

If you have been promoted a rank, won a rank, or if the data here is out of date, please either PM me, or post on this thread. Thank you.

How To Get Some Ranks

Administrator: To be an Administrator, you have to be picked by either StormTrooper88888, Bulerias, or Bastoise99 and possibly have been a Global Mod as well. The only known acception to this was PikMino42, who was made an Admin to keep TBT in line during an incident, and to set up our domain name.

Global Moderator: To be a Global Moderator, you must be picked by either StormTrooper88888, Bulerias, or Bastoise99 and have been a Sage as well.

Local Moderator: To be a Local Moderator, you must be picked by either StormTrooper88888, Bulerias, or Bastoise99.

Sage: To be a Sage, you must be picked by either StormTrooper88888, Bulerias, or Bastoise99.

Mr .Spam: To Be Mr. Spam, you must win the Spam Contest, now ran by PikMino42.

A.T. Contest Winner: To recieve this rank, you must win a A.T. Contest, held at the ACAC at the Nintendo NSider Forums.

TBT Veteran: It is unlikely that anyone else will recieve this rank. Although exact details are unknown, to get this rank, I believe you would of had to be a big part of TBT (Ex. Mod, Admin, etc.) and have to resign your position. Only one person has gotten this rank, and that is TYoshi90.

Trivia Master: Place 1st place at TBT Trivia.

Trivia Accomplisher: Place 2nd place at TBT Trivia.


Some users instead of ranks, have titles, which are not currently given out. They can be bought at the TBT Rank Store, although this is not available at the time.

Some ranks can be bought, again, this feature is not currently available.

PikMino42 was made a temporary administrator to help out with the setting up of our domain, although now he is a normal admin.

There are expections to when moderators are chosen. For example, it is possible that a normal member could become a Global Moderator before becoming a Sage and/or Local Mod, but usually this doesn't happen.

List Of Titles Used
Founder - StormTrooper88888
King of Red Lions - Bulerias
Clone Commander - Bastoise99
Would you like to talk to any The Bell Tree members through an Instant Messenger program? Look no further than this thread! Here will be posted everyone's IM screen-names; for me to get the, please post them here.

Note: The Colored names are the ones that are Sages, Mods, and Admins. Also, only Mods and Admins will have their names in each category, no sage or member will.

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

Stormtrooper88888: Storm88888
Bulerias: ddelfuego2005
Bastoise99: Blast50
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15: SmartValoo15
PikMino42: Dr Mario343
Linkerator96761: Linkerator96761
Fish: Fish 12543
Zero_13: RaNiEr CbA
Sporge27: sporge27
Justin125: Hamumu nut
Picklewarrior098: greyowl098
Only Half Evil333: villindude
Pie_Or_Die: Pie0rDie (That's a zero, not an O)
HyperShadowGirl: AliaPie

MSN Messenger (MSN)

Stormtrooper88888: None
Bulerias: bulerias2005@hotmail.com
Bastoise99: None
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15: smarttechdragon15@hotmail.com
PikMino42: warpstar713@msn.com
Linkerator96761: khlink@gmail.com
Zero_13: Ranier_ct@hotmail.com
JJRamone2: will_it_float@hotmail.com
AC1983Fan: ac1983fan@hotmail.com
Justin125: jsamsom@telus.net
SysteMeltDown911: jjbatjr_2001@yahoo.com
DarthGohan1: darthgohan1@gmail.com
Smash King: bradkennedy92@hotmail.com

Yahoo Instant Messenger (Yahoo)

Stormtrooper88888: None
Bulerias: ddelfuego
Bastoise99: None
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15: None
PikMino42: None
Linkerator96761: LINKY96761
Justin125: justinsamsom
SysteMeltDown911: jjbatjr_2001
Only_Half_Evil333: forebiddenglory

If you want your data on this list, please PM Smart Tech telling your name, the messenger, and your name in the messenger. For example:

Bulerias, MSN, bulerias2005@hotmail.com
How did you know that BAMBAM and I are friends?

also, what do you mean I have no acomplishments??
I am an editor in TBTW, I brought the llama here, and... um...
I think that is it...

storm's edit: im trying to get this screenstretch out
"Apparently, he knows STORM very well, and they go to the same school, I believe. GBMASTER1022 once created some forums, where I was made Global Mod, but was later banned for abusing my powers. I think that him making his forums started TBT out."

Not actually true, but that would be cool. And yes, his forums made me relize I was able ot make my own forum.