the MEAP

Furry Sparks

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Mar 28, 2005
Yeah yesteday we started the MEAP. Its like the big test that evryone in the state gets and crap. its mostly multiple choise but yesteday we had to compair how 2 storys were the same

-_- yesteday the MEAP took 2 HOURS!!!! today it was 1 AND A HALF HOURS!! AND WE ARN'T EVEN HALFWAY DONE WIHT THE ENGLISH PART!! then after we finish all 4 parts of the english part we have about 4 math parts >_< so this sucks bad....
we get the isat illionis state accievement test its hard and evil we have to know the square roots of like 5695 its like impossible to find it
we have the w somethin somethin somethins in like 4th 8th and 10th (i'm lokking forward to that so much
:yawn: )