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The Doggie Poo Comedic Centre


total a-hole
Jun 19, 2005
<big><big><big><big><big>Doggie Poo</big></big></big>
<small>Our jokes are higher than the quality of poo.</small>

----***---- Doggie ----***---- Poo ----***---- Comedic ----***---- Centre ----***----

Think of the Doggie Poo Comedic Center as a place to go on those lazy Saturdays, or boring Fridays, when your in need of a good laugh. We'll have comedians, jokes, drinks, rest and relaxation, a cool atmosphere, and a whole lot more.

----***---- Doggie ----***---- Poo ----***---- Comedic ----***---- Centre ----***----

Show Times:
To book a show, wheather it be jokes, singing, or dancing, PM Pokefab with this form:
(Please have EVERYTHING from act to type organized before PM'ing me.)

AC:WW Name: Your AC:WW Username
AC:WW Friend Code: Your AC:WW Friend Code
AC:WW Town: Your AC:WW Town name
Act Name: Act's name
Act Type: Act's type (Comedy, dancing, etc.)
Act Description: Act's description(To appeal audience.)
Act Length: The act's running time
Act Numbers: How many times you will perform in one night
Act Time: What time you will perform

And we'll add you to the show times.

Each show, depending on length, will be priced for both admission and costs.

This is the price people will pay to get in. All proceeds go to you.

5-10 Minutes: 100 Bells per ticket
10-20 Minutes: 200 Bells per ticket
20-30 Minutes: 200 Bells per ticket
and so on.

You will pay this to create a show.

5-10 Minute Show: 50 Bells
10-20 Minute Show: 100 Bells
and so on

Additional props, furniture: (The furniture's price)

We are currently closed, so no show times are avaliable.

----***---- Doggie ----***---- Poo ----***---- Comedic ----***---- Centre ----***----

Coming soon...