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Mafia Among Us Mafia Game Thread (Town Win!)

ngl this game gave me a huge ego boost
Same tho
Post merges count as an edit and timestamp after like 3-4+ minutes after the og post, just the mechanics of this forum unfortunately. :c

Anyway, I don't want to wake up early tomorrow today so. Dolby, I think your maf. Saying nothing more cause I want those sweet opinions but I hope town will join me on voting you out today.

I'll detail more on actual thoughts during the day but my current world view.
Town Null (aka could see them replacing one of my maf leans) Maf

I don't want extra colours but Unravel is inbetween townlean and null for me. And Betsy is on the lower end of town.
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*saying nothing more right now
3/4 I will take it. 💪
also ness almost blew my cover skaoskskowjsks

I was like o no don't Ness lmao!!!! I was so afraid to even ask you if you went Ness or me because someone might pick up on it tbh.
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hahahhahahahahahahahahahaha i suck at this game
NGL, you were who I checked last night as my don't forget to check pick. I could not believe you didn't think TN was wolfy yaesterday, 🥲
Oh i forgot! Frosty- one of early foils was tn4u being doc. He said his color was the color of life. But that thought didnt last long.
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You convinced people. Good job. Hard to defend as town when you're being sussed so hard.
im sorry too, friends???

i dont blame u, i kinda am always a bit sus but i thought u were just testing me 😭
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Omg. 😅
Reading the maf chat. Yall were like, tactical...had plans and stuff.
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Gg y'all

I got badly sick and forgot to come back to play lol
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That was not supposed to be spaced like that... phone pls
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I also should've stuck to tn4u guns. Wp Volt tho. Your old wolf tells are definitely dead
there is a post where lily says she isnt either framer or cop, and that she shouldn't say what is her role
lol, you thought i had a role in the game. i didnt say my role because i didnt know vt could say their role without getting kicked out of the game.

good game though