Talk to any TBTers outside of TBT?

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Sep 9, 2008
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Like on Facebook or Call or text?

I does. Mainly Peter, Lisa, Kalinn, and David, though.
I'm friends with Miranda, Andy, Bulerias, and Sporge on Facebook.

Can't say I talk with them with any frequency, but I see Bulerias once a week or so. Doesn't mean he sees me, though.
I've only spoken with Andy, Miranda, Trevor and others through xat, but that doesn't really count, now does it? :p
I was talking to some kid named Alfred on the phone today o=

I got a phone yesterday. I text Al, Lexi, Peter, aaaand no one else yet :eek:

Other places, Holden, Peter, Lexi, Kelsi, Kalinn, Micah, Al, Ron, and Johnnyboy.
text miranda sometimes, same for Al, along with skype and aim though. also, ive talked to pear on xbox.
My name is in like half of these posts :D <3

Chris, Chelsea, Lisa, Phil, Holden, Kelsi, and Alfred on Facebook.
Chris, Andy, and Phil on MSN.
Text Chris.

There are others on xat, though. (Except I haven't been on there in forever.)
On the phone with Gnome, Ohdangitsgabby, coffeebean!, Miranda, Megamannt125, and Fabioisonfire

On live with AndyB, Professor Gallows, PaJami & *trevor

On xat.. A lot lol
on phone with jenn, pally.

xbawx andy sometimes, miranda sometimes, trikki sometimes, pally never, rawb never

xat, errybody.
Some of you talk to me on Facebook from time to time... You know, anyone here can add me on Facebook if you haven't already and talk to me if you want, don't be shy, lol. Texting is even fine.
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