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What is the maximum number of characters for your island name?

What is the maximum number of characters for your islander name?

Will the game require me to add a suffix like “Isle,” “Bay,” or “Island”?
In the Japanese version, island names must end in one of three suffixes – “shima,” “jima,” or “tou.” Overseas versions do not have suffixes.

Who is the Resident Representative?
The Resident Representative is the Switch profile used to create the first resident of your island. They are in charge of making critical decisions and can change basic features of the town that other residents cannot such as changing the town flag, tune, and moving new villagers in.

Can the Resident Representative be transferred to another profile?
Unconfirmed, but deleting the Resident Representative profile will delete your island rather than transfer the rep status to a different profile.

Can I have a town tune?
Yes, once Resident Services is upgraded.

Can I have a town flag?
Yes, once Resident Services is upgraded.

When will the hourly music appear?
After the Resident Services building is built.

How do you change your islander's appearance?
You can get a mirror DIY recipe from a message in a bottle. Redeem more styles using Nook Miles at the Nook Stop terminal.

How do you move items your inventory?
Select an item by pressing the A button, hold, and drag.

How do you expand your inventory?
Purchase the Pocket Organizer Recipe with Nook Miles at the Nook Stop terminal. A second upgrade is available after the Resident Services tent is converted to a building.

Do accessory bags expand inventory?


Where can you plot the main resident’s home?
You may plot your own home on the mainland area or the beach. You cannot plot it beyond the river on the first day.

How do you increase the storage in your home?
The storage increases as the house is upgraded.

How do you upgrade your tent?
Pay off your first loan with Nook Miles, then Tom Nook will upgrade the tent to a house.

What is Resident Services?
A building where you can craft DIY recipes at the DIY workbench, buy items from the Nooklings, redeem miles at the Nook Stop terminal, or sell items to the Nooklings.

What is the Airport?
Dodo Airlines is the Dodo duo who transfers you to your getaway island destination. The station is called the airport, but it works as an airport and post office. You can send letters to your friends and visit their islands using DAL's services. The airport also is the gateway to other islands such as the Mystery Tours and Harvey's Photopia.

Can you change the color of the Airport?
Currently, no.

What is a Dodo Code?
A Dodo Code is a unique 5-character password provided by the attendant if you select the “Dodo Code” option upon opening your town for visitors. The code is valid for only the current visiting session.

Can you move buildings, shops, and houses?
Yes, besides Resident Services and the Airport you can move all buildings, shops, islander homes, and villager houses for a fee.

How do you upgrade Resident Services?
After 5 villagers have moved in, the tent will upgrade to a building. Prerequisites include building Nook's Cranny, building a bridge, and plotting 3 villager homes.

How do you unlock The Museum?
Donate 5 creatures to Tom Nook. Blathers will move into a tent the next day.

How do you upgrade The Museum?
Donate 15 creatures to Blathers to upgrade the Museum tent to a building.

How do you unlock Nook’s Cranny?
Sometime after paying off your first loan and building the museum, Timmy will request materials to build a new shop. You need to provide 30 pieces of each resource: wood, softwood, hardwood, and iron nugget.

How do you unlock Able's Sisters?
Mabel must visit your town at least 3 times. You should spend at least 5,000 bells at her shop.

How do you unlock the Campsite?
After Resident Services has been upgraded to a building, Nook will request you to plot a campsite to allure more residents to the island.

When can you build more bridges and slopes/inclines?
Tom Nook will provide this option after the Resident Services upgrades to a building.

What are the dimensions required for bridges?
See here. Source.

What are all of the building size dimensions?
See here. Source.


How many materials can you stack in one inventory slot?
30. Although weeds stack up to 99.

What are the tools used in ACNH?
Fishing Rod, Axe, Shovel, Net, Slingshot, Vaulting Pole, Ladder, Watering Can.

How many uses per flimsy tool must be used up before the tool breaks?
Speculated to be 25-30 uses.

How to upgrade tools?
Redeem Nook Miles for the Pretty Good Tools recipe.

Are golden tools in the game?

Can golden tools break?

How do you unlock the fishing rod?
Talk to Tom Nook at the DIY workbench, collect 5 tree branches, and he will initiate the flimsy fishing rod DIY project. Or purchase the recipe from Timmy.

How do you unlock the net?
Go to the DIY workbench in Resident Services after creating a flimsy fishing rod. The recipe will be available to craft using 5 tree branches.

How do you unlock the axe?
Keep donating creatures to Tom Nook and he will send you the DIY recipe for a flimsy axe.

How do you unlock the watering can?
Keep donating creatures to Tom Nook and he will send you the DIY recipe for a flimsy watering can.

How do you unlock the vaulting pole?
Talk to Blathers once the Museum tent is open.

How do you unlock the shovel?
Talk to Blathers once the Museum tent is open.

How do you unlock the ladder?
After unlocking Nook’s Cranny, Tom Nook will request you to plot 3 villager houses, then he will also provide the ladder recipe.

How do you unlock the golden axe?
The golden axe recipe will be unlocked after breaking 100 axe tools.

How do you unlock the golden shovel?
The golden shovel recipe will be unlocked after helping Gulliver on your island 30 different times.

How do you unlock the golden fishing rod?
The golden fishing rod recipe will be unlocked after catching every fish at least one time.

How do you unlock the golden net?
The golden net recipe will be unlocked after catching every insect at least one time.

How do you unlock the golden watering can?
The golden watering can will be unlocked after reaching a 5-star island rating.

Medicine recipe?
Purchase from Timmy or get stung by wasps and talk to an uchi villager.

Do the recipes in the Nook Stop terminal change every day?
Only the fences. The other PWP-type recipes remain the same.

What are all of the Nook Stop - Nook Miles furniture color and design options?
See here. Source. Variant article also on AC World!

A villager is crafting at their workbench. Can anyone visit to grab the recipe from the villager?
Yes! If it's their first time speaking to them, be sure they talk to them twice to prompt the recipe dialogue.

My villager doesn't have a workbench in their house! Can you still get DIY recipes from them?
Yes, a workbench will appear when their crafting and disappear when they're no longer crafting, so check every villager house for recipes!

Where can I use an ABD?
The ABD can be found in the Nook Stop terminal at Resident Services.

What is the Nook Mileage Program?
You can earn Nook Miles during your stay at the island. Use miles to pay back your initial move-in fees and more. Redeem your miles for perks and goods at the Nook Stop in the Resident Services center.

How do you earn Nook Miles?
By completing island activities. Once per day, accessing the Nook Stop will award you bonus daily miles.

What are Nook Miles+?
Once you become a homeowner, Tom Nook upgrades your mileage program so you have access to Nook Miles+ benefits. Nook Miles+ includes ways to earn additional miles for special circumstances.

How do you earn Nook Miles+?
Check the Nook Miles app and see what goals you can complete for additional miles by pressing the + button.

How do you redeem Nook Miles?
Redeem miles at the Nook Stop terminal.

How much do you need to pay off your first itemized bill?
Nook first bills you for 49,800 bells, but after realizing you have no money, he offers to allow you to pay your fees with miles instead. The first bill is 5,000 miles.

How much is it to upgrade the tent?
98,000 bells.


Do you need Nintendo Online to participate in holidays?
No, you just need Wi-Fi to download the holiday content when it occurs in real-time.

What are the Pocket Camp collaboration event(s)?
During the initial release of New Horizons, if you played Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on your mobile device, you can obtain special in-game items that can be used in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This event started on March 19, 2020 (11 PM PT).

What is Bunny Day?
Bunny Day was held on April 1 to April 12, 2020. Six egg types are hidden throughout the island by Zipper T. Bunny. Recipes using these eggs can be found in balloons, message-in-a-bottles, given from villagers, etc. After crafting all available recipes, speak to Zipper on April 12 to receive additional Bunny Day items/recipes.

How do you get Cherry Blossom recipes?
1. On April 1st, Isabelle will give you an outdoor picnic recipe if you have no other announcements for the day.
2. Pop regular balloons.

Personally have not received the recipe from a villager or message in a bottle, but it may be possible too!

What is Wedding Season event?

From June 1st, visit Harvey at Photopia and assist with Reese and Cyrus' wedding anniversary photos. Visit once a day to collect heart crystals, which can be traded for wedding season rewards.


When does the day reset?
5 AM.

How do I go on a Mystery Tour?
Tom Nook will provide a free ticket sometime after paying off your first loan and building the museum. Afterwards, you may purchase a ticket for 2000 miles at the Nook Stop terminal.

Why is the Mystery Tour only generating native fruits and flowers? Can Mystery Tours contain other fruit and flower types?
There is a much higher chance to receive an island with your native fruits and flowers. It is possible to receive a tour with different ones!

What are all of the different types of Mystery Tour islands?
See Mystery Tour guide here by Ninji.

What are the available native fruits?
Apples, Cherries, Oranges, Peaches, Pears.

How many fruits can you stack in one inventory slot?

Are perfect fruits in the game?
Currently, perfect fruits have not made an appearance.

What happens if you eat fruit?
Eating fruit will give you energy to perform an action such as digging up an entire tree, or breaking a rock.

What are the new flowers in New Horizons?
Windflowers, Hyacinths, and Mums.

What are all of the hybrid flower combinations?
See infographic here. Source.

How do you get flower seed bags?
After talking to Tom Nook and donating 3 creatures, you will receive seed bags. You can also purchase them from Timmy.

How do you move planted flowers?
Dig it up with the shovel.

Can you move or destroy rocks?
Yes. Eat a fruit and use the normal shovel to destroy a rock.

Are there bushes in the game?
Currently, landscaping bushes have not made an appearance.

Can grass wear down?

Are there other grass shapes besides triangle?

What is the maximum number of tiers you can have on your island?

How do you unlock fences?
Complete the task of plotting 3 villager homes for Tom Nook. He will provide a stack of fences as a reward and allow you to purchase fence recipes from the Nook Stop terminal.

Are gyroids in the game?

How many islands can I have on my Nintendo Switch console?
One island per Switch.

Are there auto saves?

Are there data backups for my island?
Yes, since the 1.4.0 update, you are able to enable island backups from the Settings. However, you are unable to restore your own data whenever you want. Please contact Nintendo for restoration services if your switch is lost or broken.

Can you reset before the file is autosaved?
Yes, you can reset before you name your island.

What do people reset their game file for?
For various reasons regarding their town map. Resident Services, Airport, peninsula, hidden beach, and river mouth placements. Native town fruit, native flower type, airport color, and starting villagers.

Can I transfer my island from one switch to another switch?
Currently no, but Nintendo is working on a transfer feature.


When can you use Online Multiplayer?
The Airport is unlocked on Day 2 of your island adventure.

What is Nook Link?
Nook Link is a Nintendo Online mobile application that allows you to scan QR codes from past Animal Crossing titles, use the phone keyboard for in-game chat, view Best Friends’ online status, and check your Passport profile.

How do you activate Nook Link?
From the AC title screen, press – to go to your Settings. In the Settings menu, select NookLink Settings, and follow the directions there.

How many visitors can visit my island at once?
Up to 8 multiplayers (including yourself).

Can I report an inappropriate user during Online Multiplayer?
Yes, press the – button to report inappropriate conduct and behavior.

How many residents can move in from one console?
Up to 8 profiles from one console can move in.

How many residents can play local couch co-op?
Up to 4 players.

Can players go to different areas of the map?
No, currently all players must be within a certain distance of each other. Straying too far will teleport you back to the leader.

What is the Camera app?
Take pictures using various filters and effects. Photos are saved to your Switch album.

What is the Nook Miles app?
You can view available quests and redeem completed quests for miles.

What is the Critterpedia app?
View all details regarding the bugs and fish you catch. You can see the seasonality and active hours for each caught creature.

What is the DIY Recipes app?
View all your crafting recipes on your NookPhone.

What is the Custom Designs app?
Create and save custom designs for paths, clothing, etc. You can share them with other island residents.

What is the Map app?
Use the map to check your current location, residents, and layouts.

What is the Passport app?
Your Passport information is shown here. This information may be seen by other players. You can change your photo, title, or comment any time.

What is the Best Friends List app?
Use the app to check which friends and Best Friends you’ve played with. Best Friends can see each other online. If you are both online, you can use the internet to send direct messages to each other. Press – to enable or disable the feature.

What is the Call Islander app?
You may use this to initiate local couch co-op.

What is the Rescue Service app?
Use this service for an emergency situation on the island when your path is blocked and you’re stuck. You’ll be sent to a path such as your home or Resident Services. Nook Miles generally required.

What is the Island Designer app?
Use this app to terraform your island. You need to have a 3-star rating of your island, which is given to you by Isabelle. After Project K is successful, you'll receive the app where you can also purchase permits from the Nook Stop terminal.


How can you access QR codes from previous Animal Crossing titles?
Download the Nintendo Switch Online mobile application on your phone. Activate Nook Link and select the Designs feature where you can scan QR codes from New Leaf and Happy Home Designer.

What can you use patterns for?
Clothing, town flag, paths on the ground, and customized on furniture.

What is the maximum number of patterns you can hold?
You have 50 slots for single-code Custom Designs, and another 50 slots for multi-code Pro Designs.

Can you use touch screen when customizing designs?
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Can you request bug models from Flick if he is visiting another user's island?

Can you request fish models CJ if he is visiting another user's island?

What are the NPC visiting schedules?
See guide here by yue.


What is the maximum number of villagers you can have on your island?

Are there returning villagers from previous titles?
Yes. All villagers from New Leaf except for Sanrio and special villagers scanned in from Amiibo figures.

Are there new villagers?
Yes. 8 new villagers: Audie, Cyd, Dom, Judy, Megan, Raymond, Reneigh, and Sherb.

Can you choose where your villager plots their house?

How do you get more villagers after the initial 2 starters?
Go on Mystery Tours and speak to the villager on the island to invite them to move in.

How do you know which villager you are decorating plots for when Nook requests you to find a location for 3 villager homes?
Unconfirmed: When inviting villagers from the Mystery Tours, the personalities are locked to include a lazy, peppy, and a normal type. When Tom Nook provides the tents, plot 1 is for the lazy personality, plot 2 is the peppy, and plot 3 is the normal villager.

Why are villagers not showing up in the Mystery Tours anymore?
Villagers start appearing again after the initial 3 that were invited before have moved in. However, you need to have an open plot available and have the Campsite unlocked.

Can you change the villager who first appears in your campsite?
Unconfirmed, but it seems not. Even if you TT, the same villager will be waiting for you in the campsite.

Can you adopt a villager from someone else's campsite?

Does the campsite have any mechanic or trick to get the villagers you want?
Here is a Campsite Guide by Anonymous which utilizes time travel to search for a specific villager.

Can you adopt a villager from someone else's island?
Yes, only when the villager is in boxes. Speak to them and invite them to your island if you have an available plot.

Can you move-in villagers to your island by scanning their Amiibo cards?
Yes, you must scan them in for at least 3 days and fulfill their requests each day before they request to move-in.

Can villagers move out randomly?
No. Villagers will only move if you let them go when they request to leave. Villagers will have a thinking cloud over their heads which may indicate they are considering moving.

How long does it take a villager to move out once they've asked to move?
The villager will move out the day after they notify you (in boxes).

Can a villager who has moved out of your island return at any time, or is there a 16-villager cycle mechanic like New Leaf?
Yes, villagers can move back in without restrictions. You can see a villager who has moved out at Mystery Tours as well and invite them back. There's no 16-villager cycle.

Can you pick up a villager from someone else's void?
Yes, if you have an available plot.
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Thanks for doing this pandapples. Sometimes I have questions that feel dumb to post a whole thread for.

So for anyone who plays local coop multiplayer via the invite app (ie 1 island, 1 Switch, multiplayer) - is there even a way to open up your house's storage if each person is using a single joycon? We haven't been able to figure it out.

If no, does anyone know if you can if both people have full controllers (either 2 joycons or a pro controller)?
So far, I've yet to be able to breed pink roses with pink roses. From what I remember, this was possible in ACNL to multiply hybrids... am I just unlucky so far or is it actually not possible?

I have questions about the villagers that were to move-in to my island. I am only at day 2 of the game where I am far behind to get any Nook Miles to travel to any Mystery Island.

I read that when you go visit the mystery island, you will meet random characters that you could invite them to move over. May I ask how many would you meet per island? So far, I have read 3/island or 0.

I also read that some people posted they only invited 1, but 2 random showed up on their island after a few days. How do I avoid this? Or what triggered the random show up?

Thanks a lot.

(Gosh, my last time logging-in was years ago when I was playing ACNL. I totally forgot this forum and I am glad I still remembered my username and password)
I read that when you go visit the mystery island, you will meet random characters that you could invite them to move over. May I ask how many would you meet per island? So far, I have read 3/island or 0.

I also read that some people posted they only invited 1, but 2 random showed up on their island after a few days. How do I avoid this? Or what triggered the random show up?

From what I have seen, you will meet one villager per Mystery Island trip. This villager will be a randomly selected peppy, normal, or lazy.

Random villagers appear on your island if you do not invite one of each personality type to your island from the trips. The cut-off point for this is the housing plots Nook asks you to build. Once the housing plots are built, the game assigns them to a villager of those three personality types. So if you specifically invited a peppy villager, then your peppy will move in along with a random lazy and normal.
From what I have seen, you will meet one villager per Mystery Island trip.

Once the housing plots are built, the game assigns them to a villager of those three personality types.

Thanks Miss Misty. Looks like the housing plots are the triggers. I think I will have to explore more myself. This is clear enough for me.
Anyone know if we can demolish the original bridge we had to build? I don't like the style of it and want to get rid of it once I can purchase other types.
Nvm, got a complete list for the new flowers!

  • Red x Orange = Pink
  • White x White or White x Yellow or White x Orange = Blue
  • Pink x Blue or Blue x Blue = Purple
  • White x Red = Pink
  • Yellow x Red = Orange
  • White x White = Blue
  • Blue x Blue = Purple
  • White x Red = Pink
  • White x White = Purple
  • Purple x Purple = Green
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Do the animal residents still change their clothes after having a conversation with another animal resident like in the older games?

(I don't have my game yet, so I don't know.
It's probably coming today.)
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