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Lyle, the Animal Crossing Insurance guy?


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Dec 9, 2005
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have any of you played the DS version of the game and come across a gopher-like dude named "Lyle"???? He says he is for accidental insurance, and he talks really fast. I payed him the 3000 bells, and signed his little contract and questionaire, but now im wondering......who was that guy?

If any of you have any information on Lyle, please let me know!
will someone please answer the forum?!?!?!?! I need help here, now, fast, and NOW!!!!!!!!! :wacko:
I heard that he's a rip-off...
I fhe talks to you, you'll be forced to buy insurance from him..

The only benefit is that if you're stung buy a bee you get paid a couple hundred bells...and if Redd sells you a fake painting, you get a refund.. (not sure how much)
Well, i already payed him...How did you hear about him? Was there a certain website that talks about "Lyle"?