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Oct 30, 2011
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I could've swore there was a thread like this, but I'm finding absolutely no trace of one, so I'll go ahead and start my own thread hehe~
(I hope this is allowed, staff, if not feel free to take it down)

currently my user title is "✧*̥˚ the bestest bug *̥˚✧", and it's a bit of an inside joke between me and my broski @/Shellzilla_515 but it's a phrase that means a lot to me. I deal with personal struggles a lot, as most everyone does, but I tend to be open about them with my friends--and even, sometimes, this community--in hopes that some people can relate and feel a little less lonely in their own struggles. I try my best not to overshare, though.
anyways, my friends know that I'm always striving to be a good person. I do have some flaws, and my struggles with mental health sometimes makes those flaws even more apparent. but I'm always trying my best, whatever that may look like day-to-day. in response to that, my broski sometimes says something along the lines of, "seeing you become the bestest Bug you can be 🪲". that phrase is special to me, because I am a Bug (that's my nickname and I like buggies hehe), and I am always working towards being the best version of myself that I can be.

so with that, I set it as my user title. I also added in a few sparkles because, of course, I love sparkly things 😌✨💕
I’m pretty sure this thread is in the basement for some reason. I was wondering why it wasn’t in here with the related avatar and signature topics. My usertitle is just Croconaw written in Japanese because I’m not creative. 🫢
mine is something that markiplier says during his playthrough of five nights at freddy’s 4! the full quote is, “was that the bite of ‘87?!”, but i cut off the ‘87 bit so that it’d fit in one line. it was the first thing that popped into my head during a scene in the five nights at freddy’s movie (which i’m currently a little hyper-fixated on, haha). :’)
My usual user title: "History-Loving Princess" is just my ACNH title since I have a soft spot for history in general. I occasionally changed my user title from time to time, depending on occasion.

May change the user title but still kept in the same spirit as my current user title in the future, but who knows.
My title changes with the times. Right now I'm taking a mini hiatus to work on a few personal things. I've been playing a lot less Switch too so it applies to that as well. I still like to check the forum and see what's up. Didn't want to miss TBTs bday nor do I want to miss my join date anniversary (again..)
I had a bit of an... experience where I momentarily forgot what strawberries were, haha. From that point on I found them adorable and I also find the word to be oddly aesthetically pleasing? Sounds odd but I enjoy looking at the word, so decided to make it my user title so I could see it more often. 🍓
I often have mine as “beep boop” just because I’ve always loved saying it, and also I can never think of user titles. At the moment I have it as beep BOO because Halloween, and I’ve kept it for a bit because of my ghost avi
My current title, "The Cursed Moderator", is a throwback to the 3 days where I was cursed during the carnival (pictured below)! It was honestly amazing how well both badges worked together, so I definitely don't mind keeping that memory alive for awhile!
Mine is pretty straightforward. At this stage I'm likely most known on TBT (and probably in a few other places online too) for being a Buizel-obsessed maniac, the user title just reaffirms that! Before I changed my username my title was simply "Bui!" because that is the sound Buizel makes, but since "Bui" is my username now I felt that old title would be a bit redundant.