explain your user title!

My title was previously my IRL name, but I decided now to make it obviously related to my current avatar. My IRL name is in my signature anyways, so no need to mention it twice.

If there was a villager named Paul, I'd make a Jimmy Neutron joke instead. We have Paula, but that's a female name.
We need to petition Nintendo to create a Gorilla villager named Paul
mine is something that markiplier says during his playthrough of five nights at freddy’s 4! the full quote is, “was that the bite of ‘87?!”, but i cut off the ‘87 bit so that it’d fit in one line. it was the first thing that popped into my head during a scene in the five nights at freddy’s movie (which i’m currently a little hyper-fixated on, haha). :’)
i love yours it made me laugh so hard the first time i saw it
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i am a lover of kitty kitty meow meowsz
but fr that's something i would say (didnt even realize it) when i would see a cat and start baby talking at the cat, and partner noticed it and now will also say it when seeing a cat. it is now my fun way of saying cat.
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I just think the space whales are very cute! 😊✨
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at the moment, it's referencing the song for a stranger task on the UK edition of taskmaster. two comedians wrote a song called i'm always seeing you (do cool stuff). 'tis rad rad

i'm still a mega yoshi fan tho ofv
It's based off that 60 year old meme that goes a little something like this:

So I heard you liek Mudkipz

And since Mudkip is in my profile picture now, it makes a lot of sense to reference ancient material involving it.
mine is a quote from the local flirt in fe7, attempting to recruit a bandit victim to ditch her entire life and join a ragtag group of wanted men to fight in a war.

Right now, it ties in with my current avatar of Lopez as an explorer in the desert. I'm trying to find him, as I've been told he's lost. Where is he? Anyone?
I've had it as Deku for the last 1000000000000000000000 years on this site because it's the hero name for Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia, but just recently changed it cause I got tired of having the same user title finally. LOL.

Now it's a quote from one of my favorite characters in Fire Emblem Engage, Goldmary. Specifically she says it whenever selected to start battle and when she's at full health. I just found it to be a good quote, so I decided to use it.
I sort of came up with "The Distance Calls" because my avatar's fan art I found on Pinterest (original art credit: https://pin.it/5JFTiUj) reminded me of an album Bob Seger released in the early '80s called The Distance:

Distance, The.jpg

The sunset on this album art is amazing. The way the clouds are spread out in the sky, reflecting off the sun's dying glow, is very visually pleasing to me. There's a song off the album called Shame on the Moon, and it's one of my favorite slow songs from him, though not my absolute favorite (that honor goes to Like a Rock, though only about half the song is considered slow). As you can probably tell, sunsets are a theme with me. They're calming.
mine is "The Late Great Turt" I changed it when I kind of moved away from using the forums as often. I might change it but I mean, I feel like I'm still always late, kind of great, and forever a turt.
I currently have it set as ~Tu-tu-ru~ which is a greeting used by the character Mayuri in the anime Steins Gate. I always thought it sounded so cute when she said it, so I use it as my user title when I don't have anything thematically specific to say.
🍫☕Feeling mugnificent.

Just a reminder to myself to try and focus on the things I do like this time of year. The holiday time is a stressful time for myself every year because of how much everyone, including corporations, gets whipped up into a frenzy about stuff. Its ok to enjoy the quiet and slow down which I feel is what winter is suppose to be like anyway. Also I thought mugnificent was a cute word.