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events coming up in my town Vol. 1!


Senior Member
Nov 5, 2005
in my town, these are the events i will be holding!
I don't have the Nintendo USB thingy, so i wont be holding them 'till i have visitors coming!

talics means that it happens every month.

bold means its a big contest!

underlined means it is coming up REALLY soon, or is already happening!
3rd week in each month:
garage sale! sell stuff to make money!

early winter:
holiday shopping!
buy an item for someone special!

winter end:
pattern contest!
make designs and invite your friends to vote on the best one!
maybe give out prizes!

this is the December issue of events!

-please keep all advertising in the advertising board

i have the USB thingy now, so all events will OFFICIALLY HAPPEN IN MY TOWN!!!

WOOHOO!!! :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: