Helper Outfits (Closed!)

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Here's another elf who works at Santa's workshop. Time to make some toys!

Elf Outfit .jpg

I made a holiday version of Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service! She's here to help deliver gifts. I kept her signature red bow and her satchel to try and keep some of her Kiki-ness but I opted for a Santa dress and holiday shoes.
How are we all doing? Hopefully the helpers our island reps have turned into have helped us get into the festive spirit even more! 🎅 🎄

Just as a reminder, submissions will close in 49 hours (Sunday, December 31 at 11:59 PM EST). Remember to also vote for your favorite helpers, as the top 5 liked/loved submissions overall will receive 100 bells each! If you've used any of the Naughty or Nice reacts, make sure to change them to a like or love react if you want your vote to count!

Always feel free to use the naughty reacts on me, though. I welcome the snow! And the stolen presents, even! 😇

For posterity, here are the 4 island reps who adorned our banner for this event!

December 21st: @Firesquids!
Helper Outfits - Firesquids.png

December 22nd: @Millysaurusrexjr!
Helper Outfits - Millysaurusrexjr.png

December 23rd: @Rosch!
Helper Outfits - Rosch.png

December 24th: @LittleMissPanda!
Helper Outfits - LittleMissPanda.png

December 25th onward: All 4 reps!
Helper Outfits - All.png

The ultimate Santa's helper this side of the North Pole... the poor, tired mama - making the magic happen for her kiddos (wrapping presents, filling stockings, caffeinated with iced coffee). She's wearing her signature outfit for the season... classic ugly Christmas sweater, pajama pants, slippers, hair up. There's no real style here, just comfort and the tenacity to get it all done before the grand day. 🎁
Not open for further replies.