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Dec 27, 2008
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So, you know that dream you had the other night? Where Andy came to The Bell Tree with an army of evil fried chicken? And then you remembered the night before you were chatting with him, while eating fried chicken?

My point is, do some of your dreams relate to something that happened the day/week/month before?
Yeah, my brother got one of those drafting papers a while ago, and that night I had a dream that he went of to war and got shot.
I dreamed I was on a plane with my cats on the way to England with a new Canon Rebel xs.

Then I woke up. T^T
It'll sound absolutely *censored.3.0*ed up to high heaven, but I had a dream that I ate a yoghurt at my aunt's, and when I got there the next day, she didn't have any yoghurt. :p
Pretty much, I've been playing mw2 a lot, recently. And, almost every night. I dream about mw2, har har.
You always have that random answer. xD

You should have added good dreams as in you're flying or something.

Then dreams weird stuff that would never happen IRL

Nightmares bad dreams.
David said:
i dream within dreams.
That happened to me the other night. It was the weirdest thing. It was a nightmare and I kept waking up to my room, but it was during the daytime so I know it wasn't real since it was about 4 in the morning. I'd fall asleep again in the dream and then wake up again. That happened about 6 times.
I dream about stuff that happens all the time. And if I think about someone a lot, they'll show up in my dreams constantly. I had one person show up in my dreams every night for like, a week straight >__>
I had this dream where I like, went to Camp Half-Blood and the Ares Cabin was dancing like Michael Jackson... I'm weird.
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