Do You Play Animal Crossing Alone?

Do you Play Animal Crossing Alone?

  • I am alone in my village and do not visit other villages

    Votes: 17 40.5%
  • I am alone in my village but visit other villages

    Votes: 19 45.2%
  • Other players live in my village, but do not visit other villages

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • Other players live in my village and we visit other villages

    Votes: 5 11.9%

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i usually play alone but will visit my irl friends when we get the chance to line our schedules up and we're both playing at the same time
other than that, i do visit others to pick up/drop off items or visit dream addresses!
I’ve never shared an AC game with anyone else, so I’ve been alone in all my towns and islands. Any secondary characters I’ve had have been mine and played by me only.

I have visited other towns/islands, though! I’ve mainly visited others and had them visit me for trades, but I played with friends a few times during the pandemic and New Horizons’ first year. I’ve also played with others during certain TBT events, and participated in a couple New Horizons Christmas gift exchanges!

Nowadays, I don’t really play with anyone in New Horizons, either for trades or for fun, mainly because I don’t really play in general anymore. I still do trades occasionally though, and occasionally play with my boyfriend!
I mostly play alone but will go visit other players if we’ve made an agreement for a trade or to help them get fruit or crops.
i play alone, though will pick up or drop off stuff if i'm doing a trade with someone else. will also go to another persons' island if i'm inviting a villager in boxes to my island. also to just like hit up the surprise button for dream addresses and have a walk around ;u;
I play alone and live alone. Sometimes I'll visit my siblings' islands or they'll visit mine but overall, it's just lonely ol' me in my island with the villagers.
My older siblings joined my file in New Leaf before moving away in real life.

holy crap that was depressing. seeing the abandoned houses gave real feelings of vacancy.

In New Horizons I spent lots of time playing with my sister over WiFi. My younger cousin would come over to play after school too.
Mostly alone. My mom has a save file on my island, but she doesn’t play much. None of my friends who I’ve played Animal Crossing are in contact with me at the moment so I rarely get the opportunity to play with other people
mostly alone! i used to visit friends' islands all the time back in 2020, but not so much anymore. i have a friend or two i'll visit just to fish or catch bugs and such together, which i enjoy doing - it's a really nice way to just chill out with company. i just wish you could still decorate and do all the usual things you can do in singleplayer while having someone over! i'm generally pretty happy playing alone, but i do wish i had more friends to send silly letters to.

i don't ever have other players on my island unless i make them myself!
I'm by my lonesome self on my island (excluding a second player character that I control only for island decorating purposes). I missed out on the New Horizons online hype back in 2020-21, and honestly, it was for the best as I feeling very mentally ill throughout that period. I wish I had found out about TBT earlier then; I'd probably be playing online on the Switch in general much more often.

I'll definitely take advantage of the next game's online features, so you can bet your bells that I'll be very active in that regard.
I have no interest in sharing my actual island with someone else, but for the first year or so after the game's release, my partner and I would play "together" (separate islands/Switches, but sitting together on the couch discussing the gameplay and often visiting each other to swap recipes and items). I much prefer to be able to fully customize my own island, but it's definitely more fun to have someone to discuss the game with in real life, and to be able to explore each other's islands, buy from each other's shops, etc.
When I first started NH I had friends who were playing at the time trade fruits and go to one another shops. I reconnected with a hs friend and we went to each others islands and I went on Reddit to find people to trade with.

I spend much of my time in elder scrolls online so I’ve since been only playing animal crossing as a personal solo relaxing experience. I get enough multiplier stuff in eso. Personally I enjoy the calming solo aspect of animal crossing and almost wished the multi player wasn’t needed to to progress fully but it seems each game forces multi player in some way and that makes me sad.
I predominately play Animal Crossing alone, but when I played New Leaf/New Horizons, I'd occasionally visit people/have people visit me to visit my shops/trade/grab a villager who was moving.
Voted for alone and don't visit other villages. I gots no friends, not even online.

Yeah I am not very interested in multiplayer. I dislike certain things that are locked in games behind it. I have really no desires to play with others I’m already a guild leader in a guild in elder scrolls online and do enough of that there. I come to animal crossing and story go seasons to relax in my own private world. I don’t really think Multi player should something that things are required for. Like past games how stuff was locked behind multi player line ww shop upgrade. Or how you basically you need to trade fruits in NH. I’d rather just do it my self and create my own world. I deal with people enough in my day to day life games should be an escale
From people.
Yes for the most part and I've had a very bad experience with people 4 years ago when I first played this game.
i play alone and also don't visit anyone's island, but i would like to maybe introduce the game to some of my friends in the future!