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Do you feel like you don't meet other members of your Family or they don't know who you are?


I'm just a ghost.
Aug 9, 2020
Red Envelope
Red Envelope
When I ask this question I am talking about your Family from the country that your parents were born from. For example my parents were born in Trinidad and Tobago. They didn't move to the USA until around the 1980s and I wasn't born until 1995. I don't know who the rest of my family is. I don't even know my dad's sisters/brothers/cousins or even my moms. I know my sisters and aunts but not really much the rest of my family. I really don't meet them or talk to them because they live all the way in the country where my parents are from. It just feels so disconnected. I'm always the "Odd one out" in the family since barely anyone in the family talks about me. It makes me feel left out. What about you?
While all of my family members are Canadian, they're from completely different parts of our province. I feel quite alienated with both sides of my family, with my dad's side being French (can speak/understand it decently) and my mom's side being Indigenous (completely lost that language over time).

I'm not sure I fully understood the question initially, so I'll answer it: I'm pretty sure I have some relatives who don't know I exist, or just forget. I kind of don't mind and I won't take it personally, since I seldom have chances to visit my them anyway. On the flipside, I'm much more closer to my immediate family members.
My family has been in the U.S. since the 1880s, but I do relate when it comes to my expanded family. Most of my extended family is from Iowa, halfway across the country from me, and I don’t have any real connection with any of them. We haven’t had a family reunion since 2007 so I doubt any of them remember much about me.
My dad's side of the family disappeared after his death. I only know my uncle. He returned when I was an adult.

My other uncle (also from my dads side) found me online and was spamming my social media. It felt like he was trying to get to know me. I tried talking to him, but there was an awkward distance. I never met this man. When I didn't reply he would spam me with emojis until I got back to him. It just felt weird. Eventually his account got hacked and taken over by a catfish account. End of that story.

I'm close with some of my cousins and family from my mom's side. But 70% of them don't speak with us. There's a lot of substance abuse too.

It's quite messy and sad.
well, i found out my mom cheated on my dad and im the product of that cheating. i only just recently found my biodad and hes in jail. found out i have at least 10 siblings who don't know i exist and maybe... 30-40 cousins? it's a huge family. they're mexican, most of them first or second generation from Sinaloa.

so. yeah. definitely.
i barely know anyone from my extended family because both sets of parents have completely cut them off. it wasn't always like this. i can remember having extended family over to my house. i remember having both my grandma and grandpa living with us in the house for an extended amount of time and i even remember my mom attending parties and weddings while my dad took my siblings and i for a drive until my mom finished up lol.

last summer, my mom's side of the family began contacting her and somehow contacting me by extension (which was kinda terrifying because two of my cousins found me through linkedin and instagram 😭. straight up just deleted my insta account and i'm thinking of doing the same for my linkedin). they also came to our house and began leaving manilla envelopes that my mom and dad refuse to even open it and threw it in the bin right away.

i don't particularly care about the entire thing, although i can't help but wonder, you know? i've tried asking them about it when i was younger, but they only said "when you get older". now that i am older and i still have no idea about this... i don't think i want to ask anymore. i'm sure that the decision to go NC was good for their well-being and the betterment of my siblings and i (and considering how some african families can be.. i can't say i blame them) but i'd be lying if i said i didn't want to know the reason for all of this.