Do you act differently online than in real life?

Do you act differently online than in real life?

  • Yes, very different. I’m a completely different person.

    Votes: 9 10.8%
  • I think so, at least to some degree.

    Votes: 43 51.8%
  • No, I’m pretty much the same person.

    Votes: 27 32.5%
  • I never thought about it.

    Votes: 4 4.8%

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Yeah, I'm more talkative and honest here. Irl people often struggle to get a word out of me. My brain basically shuts down and struggles to create small talk. However, the one thing that I have in common in both is that the other person has to lead the conversation. In here, I've noticed that I don't start a thread more times than when I respond to one. I'm trying to fix that, but it's hard.
I'm a little more open online than I am in person, but not by much. I'm typically more of a lurker in most online instances which is pretty on par to how I am in person.
I'm pretty much the same I feel lol
When I'm new somewhere or with a person or group of people I can be reserved and quiet/shy, but the more familiar and comfortable I get the more I'm comfortable opening up and more freely showing my sense of humor (which is very dry and can definitely come off as rude if I didn't know the other party on a better level 😅😅)
I do mostly because in real life I really don’t have anyone else to talk to about video games or other interests. Plus it’s easier for me to talk online because I don’t need to deal with live social cues and then my autism messing things up for me and making me socially awkward.
I bet more people would care than you may suspect :)

About me myself? Yeah, probably. About my innermost interests that I don't really share with others? Probably not.

I feel as though if I shared that I like anime and games like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, they'd be really confused, since I don't really talk about those things at all in real life. And they wouldn't even know what those games are, either.

I mean all anyone in real life really knows about me on a surface level is that I do martial arts and I like to watch sports... that's literally it, even though I have many more interests than that. I suppose it may be my fault for not sharing more with others, but I'm just wary since you can't trust everyone, either. Or it could just be that everyone in my area and age range doesn't really share the same interests as me, which is more likely. Especially considering I have autism.

But hey, thanks for the vote of confidence. 👌
I have an easier time chatting it up with someone online if I'm feeling chatty enough. However, when it comes to irl, I mostly keep to myself. Always been a follower, not leader. I've opened up more and untwisted that stick out of the back end over the years, but it's easier for me to gather and express my thoughts in a way that makes sense through written word rather than speaking face to face or in a group. I overthink and second-guess myself A LOT 😬☠️

Okay how about this: online I tend to hold back in a layer of sugar and honey as I do be having some real unhinged thoughts lol, and my viewpoints on certain topics would definitely rattle some. But I'm easy to talk to lol Offline I feel I can be my true self and when I'm comfortable enough to really let loose, I've been told I'm kinda wacky and fun and chill to be around with lol
I am extremely quiet in person since I have really bad social anxiety and don't know what to say to people I don't know unless I have a mental script prepared. Online I have zero issues since I can plan everything I say in advance and I have a physical barrier that keeps me safe. I'm much more open online and more chatty. On voice calls though I'm super quiet unless it's a small call with people I know.
^ I think he explained me pretty well, so I don't have to repeat it in my post.
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Online I’m a little more sociable and willing to speak my mind once I get comfortable enough. Offline I keep to myself; I’m pretty much a shut in. I have anxiety (and social anxiety) and I’m really shy. I don’t have any personal friends anymore, I don’t think except my best friend who I rarely hear from anymore. I have an easier time talking online (typing) than I do talking verbally.
I'm way too similar online. I catch myself using the exact same speaking mannerisms and doing the same traits that I feel self conscious about. It's probably because I just view forums like these as a collective bubble for thoughts. I don't think I could fake a personality if I tried.

The key difference is that I'm more open to making jokes in real life. My sense of humor can be a little morbid or quick witted.

But forums like these are a large collective and not an intimate space. I think it's better to be courteous and hold back on something that I find funny. Sometimes the first thing that pops in ones head isn't always the best thing to write out.

I'm similar in the sense that I'll talk about anything and everything. I talked with an older lady on a boat last year for over an hour. Realized later that I was probably being way too open with a stranger.
i personally don't think so?? i like to think that i act pretty similar online as i do in person, but some things obviously just don't translate well in text

when i'm overly excited or am gushing over something, i'll get a wave of cuteness aggression and i guess that's different since i use a looot of hand gestures irl while only resorting to keyboard smashing online to express it haha
It really depends. I only ever censor myself for "digital footprint" reasons. Most of that comes into play on social medias, for example I do find myself avoiding reposting certain tiktoks.
I'm pretty much the same online and in real life. Shy and awkward, but when we warm up I'm much more comfortable and crack all sorts of jokes.

I'm probably 20% more unhinged online though. :p
I don't think so. I'm probably more open about things online and more direct, but otherwise pretty much the same. When I write things online (like now), I write in the exact same way with the same mannerisms as I speak. I do feel like I'm pretty bland online, yet more expressive in person though.
Absolutely not. I'm always real and people irl find that refreshing about me. Never have to wonder what I really think.
I do, because I can be more open online
my family is unfortunately weird conservatives, so I can't be open about my sexuality or gender identity around them, plus they rarely wanna hear about my interests and such, so I just don't talk much

whereas I enjoy talking about things that i'm passionate about online, and I can be the person I'd like to be

that being said, i act the same around close friends as I do online, but most of them live far away LOL
I would say about the same? I don't know I never really gave it much though tbh. I'm just who I am. I don't try to be different for anyone and I'm always willing to help others if I think they deserve it. I never really write out lengthy replies to these because I'm just not really into describing it haha. I would hope my actions speak louder than my words.
I guess in some ways. I’m more introverted and anxious in real life, and also I rarely talk about my interests with people since I don’t think they would really care, but I’m just as awkward and annoying as I am on this site irl, trust me. Also, there’s a few things I say online that I don’t think I would say irl.
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