Do you act differently online than in real life?

Do you act differently online than in real life?

  • Yes, very different. I’m a completely different person.

    Votes: 9 10.8%
  • I think so, at least to some degree.

    Votes: 43 51.8%
  • No, I’m pretty much the same person.

    Votes: 27 32.5%
  • I never thought about it.

    Votes: 4 4.8%

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I feel like it's inevitable that you act a little different online than you do in real life. At least for me. So I would say yes I act different in the two spheres, but not dramatically so.
i'm so introverted irl but online i speak more and make more jokes, i wish my online and real life personality were the same cuz im kinda dry irl..
I would say that I am a little different online compared to in person, I'm a bit more reserved in person and don't really talk a lot unless I'm really comfortable with the people I'm around. I tend to be more talkative online and willing to talk to people more but I think it's due to the fact that it's not in person so I don't have to look at them (that sounds bad, but like I don't like making eye contact much and sometimes body language is hard to read so I'm never sure if they truly want to talk)
I'm much more likely to initiate conversations online compared to RL, but other than that, I'd say there are no other differences. ❤️
I am just me. I talk as me and I type as me. Irl I do just chat to people in queues and shops and just pass the time of day. I have always done that as I live in a friendly country.

My real life friends know the same me as my real online friends. I am always there for people I care about and in tough times I know real friends are there for me too. I am very lucky and grateful 💜
Somewhat. I find it easier to talk online because I get time to think about what I'm going to say. Sometimes I do things irl I didn't think through, especially if I'm in a bad mood. That doesn't usually happen online, even if I'm in a bad mood. I'm also quieter irl so online I might say things I could never get myself to.
Well, I do behave like I am, just in reallife I am a 1000 times more shy than online. I could for example never just strike up a conversation or comment on a topic like that. I would be way too shy to actually say anything at all.
I don't know that there's much of a difference nowadays, aside from being much more open about being non-straight and non-religious online than I am IRL.
I used to for sure, but I'm dreadful at masking, so like- nah. I can't do that garbage. I'm wholly me even when it'd be better if I wasn't.
I tend to be more angry and strongheaded online. I get very angry sometimes in real life too, but not quite as often. I’m moreso controlled by anxiety in real life.
No... my anxiety affects both. 😅 I think I'm the same, but obviously online in forums you have more time to think about how you express yourself.
Sort of? Aside from a few small differences, I would say I act about the same IRL as I do online. With the anonymity and all, I just swear a bit more and I'm more "unfiltered" when talking to some of my friends, so I generally say stuff I wouldn't IRL. ^^" (But nothing wildly inappropriate or controversial, as I'm still pretty mild-mannered; I just may say some darker or raunchier jokes at times.) Otherwise, I'm pretty much the same person in both worlds.

Edit: Of course, I share my interests a lot more online than I do IRL. It's hard finding people who have the same interests and hobbies as you in-person, whereas online you can find entire communities (such as servers and forums) dedicated to something.
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definitely. i have terrible social anxiety, so i don't talk much in real life. i find it difficult to socialize, i worry about saying the wrong thing or misinterpreting someone, being judged, coming across as too opinionated/argumentative. it's not so bad once i've been around someone for a while. i think, then, more of my "true self" starts to show. when it comes to the internet, nobody can see me, and i'm rarely going to meet any of them in-person. if they hate me, it doesn't matter. we can block each other. we never have to interact again. plus, there's just something more visceral about seeing someone's dislike for you (even if you never have to encounter them again) in-person. you can see their expression, and it sticks with you easier. (at least for me.)
I think for the most part I'm the same but I definitely let out my silly/immature side a lot more on the internet since I'm just here for fun. And like others have said I am probably a little more open to meeting new people online.