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Critizism Vs. Constructive Critizism


Senior Member
Jul 11, 2005
This topic is to let people better understand about critisizm and constructive critisizm

i will use many examples

Ex of Critisizm
That Sucks

Ex of Constructive Critisizm
That would be better if.. ect ect ect

Ex of Critisizm
It Looks ugly

Ex of Constructive Critizism
It Looks Plain, if you added ect ect ect

critizism and constructive critizism are too diff things and people mix them up too often

ive made this topic so yall dont get them confused

constructive critisizm you can use to your advantage

Yes construction critisizem is better tan citisizem. BUT it it still critisizem. SO it stil has something in it that turns (something here) down.

well y dont u explain your side because right now all ur saying is i dont get it

and u arnt explaining it

so u dont get it apparently
its kind of funny...you start this so people wont criticize other people, yet someone is pretty much criticizing you now.
no im not starting this os peeps wont critisize peeps

im definind the difference of Critisizm and Constructive Critisizm