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Are you invisible?

Do you have your online status visible?

  • Yes, and my current activity is shown.

    Votes: 14 19.2%
  • Yes, but my current activity is not shown.

    Votes: 20 27.4%
  • No. Nobody needs to see what I’m doing.

    Votes: 39 53.4%

  • Total voters
i like staying online so people i regularly talk to know im online, but I keep my activity hidden just because i like to have a bit of privacy
I have my status set to show when I'm online, not that it really matters but it feels weird to have it set to invisible for me. people may make assumptions based on my online status, but the best case is that I simply come and go a lot throughout the day. 😄

way back when, I used to have my status turned on as well. but like, why do people need to see what I'm doing lol? that's my business.
I'm never invisible, I don't really see a point in why people would do this. Then again that's just my opinion, I myself never had a reason to be invisible, unless I had to do it to get an egg for the Egg Hunt that is. Other than that I'll keep my non-invisible virginity for now.
I honestly don’t know? If any friends online now please tell me? 🙈🫶💜
I am invisible. As others have stated, being visible makes me feel pressured to respond as soon as I see a notification, but I like to get to it when I can.
i have my online status set to show so people can know when i get to a pm or trade. i am tempted to turn it off though. i do keep my current activity off because i find it weird.
I’ve had my activity and online statuses set to “invisible” pretty much my entire time here. I always elect to have my online status hidden on all platforms I use if possible. It’s not because I do or look at anything on here (or anywhere else) that I’m trying to hide, I just don’t like the possibility of what I’m doing or seeing on any given platform being “watched”. Being watched while I do anything, either online or irl, makes me feel incredibly anxious and like I’m being judged, no matter what it is I’m doing. I prefer to move in silence and do things without having to worry if I’m accidentally doing something weird/being judged, so even though probably no one cares when/if I’m online or what I’m doing, I still prefer to keep it hidden. Just for my own comfort.

Feeling pressured to respond to a message as soon as I see it is another reason why I prefer to be invisible. There are many times where I’m browsing the forums with my sleepy meds kicking in (which makes my brain foggy and texting/writing next to impossible), after just waking up, or while dealing with some other kind of internal/external factor that makes replying to a message right away not possible, and I don’t want someone to see that I’ve been online but haven’t responded to their message and think that I’m ignoring them. It also usually takes me a while to figure out how to respond to a message, and I again don’t want the sender to think that I’m ignoring them if I take too long (or to see just how long it can take for my brain to work long enough for me to type and send a response).

Also, sometimes I go back and read some of my old posts/threads to embarrass myself for fun, and nobody needs to see that LOL
I show when I’m online. I don’t really care if people know when I’m online, but I decided not to show what thread I’m in. Not for any real reason, I just like it better.
I usually set my status to invisible on platforms, because of anxiety and pressure to respond, but I haven't gotten around to doing it here, yet. Lol. I probably should, because I worry about people feeling ignored when sometimes I just don't have the social energy to chat or am casually browsing while on break.
I believe it shows I am on, I don't really mind. On or off people can talk to me, and I'll respond when I can.
yeah, i have my online status off on like all of my socials. no particular reason, i just feel like it.
i keep mine set to online so people know if im available for whatever reason they may need me for