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Are you invisible?

Do you have your online status visible?

  • Yes, and my current activity is shown.

    Votes: 14 19.2%
  • Yes, but my current activity is not shown.

    Votes: 20 27.4%
  • No. Nobody needs to see what I’m doing.

    Votes: 39 53.4%

  • Total voters


Sep 20, 2013
I personally have my online status turned off. I don’t see a point in having it on.

I’m pretty sure most people are invisible, but let’s see what the poll says.
Both of mine are off and I also keep my statuses turned off most of the time on any sites that allow it. I like having that level of privacy. I understand how it could be useful if you are trading with others frequently, though.
I don't mind other users seeing that I'm online, but I don't show my current activity. I don't want people to see when I'm reading through every post in a thread. For the longest time I was wondering why I could still see "Viewing thread [insert thread]" when I clicked on my username and questioned if the feature actually worked.
I prefer that people can't see when I'm online or what I'm looking at. I will however frequently check to see someone's activity while I'm waiting for them to make trades. Sometimes it's really helpful for planning out the order of who I let in my town to make things go more smoothly.
I think I'm set to invisible, yeah.

The thing is, my settings are whatever I had when I joined two or three years ago. I left this place, but upon rejoining I didn't bother to go through them again.
People can see both my online status and current activity. I don't care enough to turn them off - I can't imagine what harm could come from someone seeing I'm online. No shade to people who have turned them off - you're probably thinking of something I'm not lol
I don't mind people seeing when I'm online and I only recently turned off my current activity. I never thought about it until I hosted the reindeer event at Christmas and realized it probably wouldn't be good if you all could see which threads I was in right before I posted the clues.😉
Yes, I'll always make myself invisible whenever the option presents itself on a website/app, and TBT is no exception. It makes things easier on me if people don't know when I'm online, since that way there's less pressure on me to do things and I can more easily lurk as necessary.
I don't really feel like it's necessary for me to go invisible, especially if my friends are online, but I turned off it showing my activity because it's kinda weird having it show what thread you're reading or if you're looking at private messages.
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I don’t care if people see that I’m online. I don’t show what I’m doing, but not for any reason really.
I kept my online status visible because when I joined this site it was mostly for trading and I do still find it really useful for trades. I do hide my current activity though. What am I hiding?
The amount of times I'm reading my own posts and profile 😅

I don’t mind having it on. I’ve never hidden it. I find it useful when trying to coordinate with people. Sometimes I get busy mid coordination and people can see that I’ve just gone offline instead of just ignoring them.

I respect those that prefer to be invisible though. You do you.

Edit: didn’t realize I can turn off what I’m doing. That I might just do.

Edit edit: huh I guess I’ve had what I’m doing turned off this whole time well then haha.
I'm visible, I don't mind if people can see I'm online and think it's useful if I'm doing a trade or something. I think I turned my activity off though because having it on made me feel so exposed. Especially because sometimes I go back and read my posts from years ago
I'm most surprised with how even this poll seems to be. I thought for sure the invisibles would win by a landslide, but we're practically even as of this post.
I always hide my activity and online status whenever a site lets me. People definitely don't need to see me read the same post seven times lol, and having my online status hidden does a lot to lessen my anxiety. Sometimes I struggle to convey my thoughts through text, so I like when I can take as long as I need to respond to something. Also why I'm not good at Discord If I need to respond to somebody who's online and they can see me online, I get v flustered if I start taking "too long" to reply to them ;w;