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✨🎁🎄🪿 Petes Delivery Dash 🪿🎄🎁✨

It’s Toy Day morning, and Pete has 10 parcels that he needs to deliver to the town’s residents before they start waking up! The sun is rising and time is quickly running out; the residents will be disappointed if they wake up to discover that their parcels didn’t arrive in time for Toy Day!

Can you help Pete deliver all 10 parcels on time?


1-2 players. Includes 2 player tokens, x20 coloured present pieces, x20 monochrome present pieces, and a dice (that I forgot to draw 🤠).

Each player begins with x10 coloured present pieces. Roll the dice each turn, and move your player token forward the amount of spaces required. The player with the least amount of coloured presents left at the end wins!

pace meanings:
Some spaces are just regular numbered tiles, but some spaces are special.

- One of your parcels has been damaged/lost! Replace one of your coloured present pieces with a monochrome one.

- One of your parcels has mysteriously been fixed/recovered! Perhaps it’s Toy Day magic at work? Replace one of your monochrome present pieces with a coloured one. Ignore if you don’t have any monochrome present pieces.

- You have successfully delivered a parcel to a resident! Good job! Set one of your coloured present pieces to the side.

- Today is your lucky day! All of your previously damaged/lost parcels have been fixed/recovered, and any that you were unable to deliver have been delivered for you! … By who? Well, that’s a secret. ✨


my entry is based on the star fragments in new horizons and the aurora borealis you can see on cold, clear nights. make your way across the board to be the first person to collect all six rainbow stars! just be careful not to land on those pesky "miss a turn" tiles, those will slow you down for sure!​

alright i finally finished mine, because i wanted to make a real game lol, rules are below!


because you're going to want to fight each other. and the game. and yourself.

the goal of this game is to have the most glow wands at the end. each player starts with 5 wands to start.

★ pick up a wand for every flower, heart, or star wand tile you pass (including the start wand!).
★ if you land on a skull wand, discard one of your wands.

timmy & tommy: roll two dice.
tortimer: roll a slow dice (only rolls 1-3).
snake: steal a wand from another player.
porter: advance 5 spaces (double tiles are 1 space).
redd: one of your wands is a counterfeit! discard one wand.
luna: you've fallen asleep! skip your next turn.
celeste: make a wish! roll a die, 1-3 you get one wand, 4-6 you get two.
resetti: move back to the nearest skull wand and discard one wand. do not re-collect any wands you will pass on your next turn.
gulliver: roll a die to attempt to wake gulliver up. even numbers will fail, and you must try again next turn. odd numbers will wake him up and you may advance that many spaces.
VS space: battle another player for two wands. both players roll two dice, the higher roll wins.​
After returning from a meeting with a certain racoon regarding the amount of bells she has to pay off to manage her next house upgrade, Azzy flopped on the floor over at Sasha's house. Joined by Cube and Stitches, the Doodle Party commenced. The only thing Azzy would say while she was working was that she was making them a game to play. The result was ROAD TO REPAYMENT, the doodled board game about being the Resident Rep and trying to pay back your loans. Despite having no such issues themselves, the three happily joined Azzy on the floor to play her creation.
*I made it purposely to look like the whole thing was done in crayon. I don't know where I came upon the idea of a doodle party, but I decided that it's definitely a canon event that happens in Paradisia, lol.


*In case it's too hard to read, the bottom says the following.
🍎 🍐 🍊 🍑 🍒

Here’s a tribute to one of my all time favourite board games called Activity ^u^ I have such fond memories of playing it in my childhood. Would love to play this animal crossing version with my fellow tbt friends haha :3


⏳Materials needed ✏️
  • A one minute timer
  • Paper and pencil
  • A larger group of people - the more the merrier!
🔍 Instructions 🔎
  • Divide into teams of at least 2 players per team​
  • Place your figurines on the start tile. One player takes a card from the stack, without the other teammates reading it.​
  • Your teammates have to successfully guess the words you draw, explain or mime to them within one minute.
    The colours on the board determine which action you will have to complete.​
  • If you succeed, your figure may move across the board. The number behind each prompt on the cards indicates the amount of steps a team can move after successfully completing a prompt.​
  • Some prompts are easier and thus grant less steps, some are more difficult. You choose the difficulty level you want to attempt.​
  • If you run out of time or your teammates can’t guess correctly, you can’t move forward this round.​

Here a close-up of the example playing card


🏆 Game goal 🏆

The game ends once a team successfully reaches the finish tile

🍎 🍐 🍊 🍑 🍒
Crafting Christmas! It’s Christmas time and what island is complete without a big festive tree? It’s time to shake some trees to get those ornaments! Start at the DIY recipe and move along the board until you reach the big festive tree. The person with the most ornaments collected after all players reach the end is the winner! The game can be played with 2-5 players and the number of spaces moved each turn is determined by the roll of a die (Not drawn). Fun for all ages!


  • Branch= turn ends; no ornaments obtained.
  • Wasp nest= return to start; lose all ornaments.
  • x2= collect two ornaments instead of one.
The game pieces are inspired by the candy cane collectibles from this year and past years :)
Sorry if the image is huge, I’m out of town with just my iPad haha.

🎲 Roll a dice to move forward in the the race. If you land on Snowboy, move forward 4 spaces. If you land on a present, you’re safe. If you land on Lump of Coal, move back two spaces. Whoever reaches Finish first wins ❄️



"Chase the Star Fragments" is a board game where you roll a dice to move forward your token,
the first to reach the Special Star Fragment tile wins the game!

Special tiles:

Presents: You are granted a second turn.
Star Fragments: Advance three tiles.
Ribbon: Shortcut to the next Ribbon.
!: You turn is skipped.
?: Move back to the Star Fragment that you just passed.

Snowball Fight!
2+ players, 1 d4 dice

Each player starts with 3 Snow Tokens. The object of the game is to reach the FINISH with the least amount of Snow Tokens.
Snow flurry tile - Add 1 Snow Token to your pile
Snowball tile - Remove 1 Snow Token from your pile and add to another player's pile
Hot cocoa tile - Removes 2 Snow Tokens from your pile

Introducing the new latest board game craze....
✨ Path Pavers!! ✨
How to play:

► Each player much choose what tile they would like to play from the options of Dirt, Wood, Stone, and Brick
► Based on this decision the players will receive recipe cards that determine what materials they must collect throughout the game to create their paths
► Each round a player must pick a card, this card will have a trivia question, answer correctly and you will win this card
► Each card has a material value that's given to the player when the player wins the card
► Once a player has the right amount of materials as stated in their recipe card, they can trade in their trivia cards to be able to place a tile of their type on the board
► Once the entire path has been covered with tiles the game will end
► The goal of the game is to have placed the most amount of tiles at the end of the game!
❄️💚 Naughty or Nice 💓❄️

❄️❄️❄️4 Players❄️❄️❄️

Contents: 4 penguin players , one scorekeeper notepad, one dice, 1 game board.


❄️ 1. Pick a penguin and roll the dice to see who goes first (highest roll wins). All players start out with 3 gifts and 3 health.

❄️ 2. Play your way across the board, but be careful! Some spaces take away your health and currency! If you land on a snowball tile that reads lose one, you lose one health, and if you land on a tile that has a grinch hand, you lose one gift. Some spaces allow you to take or give health and currency to others. if you lose all 3 health or gifts, go back to the start. You will start over with the same amount that you started the game with.

❄️ 3. The game ends, once all players have reached the finish line. The player with the most health, and the most gifts wins.
☆ Gyroid Holiday Gathering ☆

Welcome to this classic point system game, with an ACNH gyroid twist. Gain different gyroid types as you move across the board!
* 8 Gyroid Types total -- gain gyroid (+5 pts)

Pay attention to the spaces featuring Lloid...
Since Lloid is a workforce advocate & loves a good donation, you must stop on his spaces & pay for further passage!
* 3 Front-facing Lloids -- roll dice & move back # on roll (-3 pts)
When Lloid isn't looking & you land on a space with his back turned, hurry & sneak past him!
* 2 Back-facing Lloids -- roll dice & move forward # on roll (+2 pts)

When everyone crosses the finish line, the person with the highest number of special gyroid types adds the exclusive festive Brewster gyroid to their collection & gains an additional 10 pts!

The player with the highest points wins!!!
Unbenanntes_Projekt 3.jpg

✨What you need:✨
1 dice

✨ Tiles ✨
Celeste: Wish upon a star! Your wish may be granted if you roll a 1. You can go 3 tiles forward!

Redd: You bought a fake artwork. You have to go 2 tiles back!

Katrin: Lucky or Unkucky? If you get a odd number you may go 2 tiles forward. If it's a even number you may go 2 tiles backwards.

Blanca: Show her your drawing skills and create a new face for her! Go on tile forward.

Zipper: He is staring at you like a creep. You decide to go a tile backwards (sorry Zipper...).

Fireworks: If you land on a firework tile you can go to the next firework tile!

Jack: Trick or treat? If you manage to get a 1, 2, 4 or 6 you can go forward a tile. 1, 3, 5 and you have go two tiles backward!

Franklin: It's thanksgiving! Make another player a compliment and move two tiles forward!

Jingle: It's the season of giving! The player to your right may go a tile forward.
Naughty or Nice Advent Calendar


  • Start at the first space.
  • Roll a die and move the number of spaces you rolled either forwards or backwards.
  • Grinch spaces give you -1 joy, snowball spaces -1 warmth.
  • Present spaces give you +1 joy, hot cocoa gives you +1 warmth.
  • First person to reach space 25 who is at least +1 positive joy and warmth saves Christmas (wins). You will have to backtrack to try and warm up/find joy if you are negative and then make your way back to space 25.

I made an Animal Crossing themed Candy Land game called Dessert Island Getaway! Race your friends across Dessert island, roll a D3 (Or a D6) to determine how many spaces you'll move, the first player to reach CEO Nook at Candy Manor is the winner!

I had some pretty ambitious plans for this project which unfortunately had to be scaled back due to the short entry time-frame for this event, but I still managed to make some printable game pieces! Fold the bottom part out and tape bottom to make the base, (they're quite difficult to cut around, I suggest using an x-acto knife, or just leaving a white border around the Villager.)

p.s. a small mini game within the game is to find all 6 Snow bunnies.
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