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AC 3DS: Ideas for new and improved features in the game?


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Nov 23, 2008
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Let's post our ideas on what features would like to change and add in AC 3DS!

Mine are:

1) More people allowed in wifi?

2) Allow 4(or more!^^) people in our house.

3) Allowed to choose our shorts and shoes, maybe even add accessories?

4) Be able to upgrade to mansion, like in ACWW..and hopefully more rooms!

Well I have a lot more, but whats ur guys ideas!
Bring back the GC housing system. No 4 people per house please, that gets annoying.
I have a neat idea right now: Being able to see anything behind a tree or object by "tilting" slightly the 3DS.
TheBigJC7777777 said:
I have a neat idea right now: Being able to see anything behind a tree or object by "tilting" slightly the 3DS.
Th- We- hurp durp that's not the reason they made it 3D.
:eek:fftopic: Holymother*censored.3.0*erizzy
BABY BRO!!!<3333
A better camera, and more clothes :D
A tool box to carry all the tools in, PLEASE. And I think it would be cool if you had the option of getting a job, not including the time you work for Nook. Nookingtons should close later, also the Able Sister's upgrading would be wonderful. Also, being able to swim would be so cool!
I would like something like a camera, where you could take photo's of things in the town. And maybe get displayed in the Museum?
I agree with the Able Sisters upgrading, and maybe Labelle would move in on the final(Nookington's) of Able Sisters. The park bench makes my mind blow up. I do like the city, I just feel there isn't enough to do in it. Not trying to Harvest Moon it, but flowers that only grow/bloom in certain months?
How about not having grass deteriorate? I agree with all the other posts here as well. :)
Having the option to go to the tropical island without the connection of a cable.
Make the city bigger if not better atleast. (if they have it)
Decent holidays.
A patio upgrade on your house
New fruits, like Bananas and Strawberries
Larger beach / more beach activities
^^ A Patio and a backyard which would be slightly like harvest moon. But without animals, Just crops.

I would also like the town to be decorated when a holiday is on. Like for Valentines, make there be heart balloons on people's houses and stuff like that.

Can't believe I'm gonna say this. But having the 'Animal Paths' in the DS version wont bother me... I know I did protest heaps to get it taken out. But that was 'cause I didn't know about it and I had been playing for about 3 months then I realized I had a desert. So for the 3DS version, I will know whether or not it will be in it so I will know where to walk. So I don't care if it's in it or not :)

And too. I would like the Sable furniture sets to return
And when it rains, if puddles appeared I would be happy.

Sorry I just love this thread.

I would also like to see more types of flowers.