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  • I only saw the first few minutes not wanting to spoil myself, and it looks freakin' gorgeous. My only hope is that they've done away with the grass dying on the paths you've walked. Was that in New Leaf?
    Those are gonna be the best two days off, haha. Make sure you have all that snack prep set to go.

    I don't have a Switch, sadly. At least not yet. I was hoping to get one of those pre-orders for the New Horizon Switches they had, but I wasn't fast enough. Such a shame too, because I love the color scheme for the joy-cons on that one!
    I've been well! A few ups and downs but I'm still kicking so I must be doing something right. :p
    Excited for New Horizons?
    oh my ****ing god i forgot about that, thats such a terrible name

    it was only like 1am but i had been up since 8am so i was a tired man
    youre gonna have to remind me what SoF stands for im running low on brain juice because im awake when i shouldnt be

    according to the old VMs we have i guess you were on vbulletin so you witnessed some post-zetaboard days

    and i guess since the last time we talked was like NINE YEARS AGO or some **** theres probably a couple of things thats new with me, i had maybe 8 birthdays so thats pretty neat.
    the good part about me being here for so long is ive had a chance to bury all my cringey **** lol

    tbh i thought you left when colored usernames were still a thing but i guess youve probably seen this ver of tbt
    (im gonna vm you so we dont clog up the other thread)

    nah we moved from zetaboards a longass time ago, im not gonna bother trying to figure out when because everything between 2012 and 2019 look the same to me
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