What kind of multiplayer features do you want to see in the next game?


Avian Maiden
Aug 2, 2013
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One of the highlights of New Leaf was that there were many things to do with someone when you invited them over, not just showing them your town. I really miss playing mini-games together on the island, and going to places on Main Street together like Club LOL. It's surprising that they took a step back with it in New Horizons, especially since they added the incentive to visit one another with alternate colors of items.

I feel like there's a lot they could add to make playing together more fun. I don't have any bright ideas at the moment, but I do hope they bring back mini games back for future titles. What are your thoughts?
Definitely agree with you, Aerith. Given how immense online multiplayer games can be nowadays, I'm surprised how meager Animal Crossing has been with their online capabilities. 🙄 I hope they bring back minigames you can play with one another. Even if it's not the same as the island tours, at least give us a damn Connect Four toy furniture and let us actually play it when we both press A on it, you know? Animal Crossing already has tons of furniture they could do that with: the billiards table... the board game furniture... the slot machines... Come on, Nintendo! 😠I guess their logic is "You want to play checkers with your friend? Go buy our Clubhouse Games 51. You wanna race with your friends? Go buy Mario Kart 8 for the 2nd time." 😂
I would actually like a mini-game tournament, where two to four players can compete in five different mini-games where one can be the winner.
Obviously I'd love for something similar to New Leaf's multiplayer to come back, I think an online island is such a cool idea! And bringing minigames back would be great. As someone said I'd love to give some of the furniture items minigame functionalities too! But one thing I wish New Horizons had was the ability to decorate my house or island while someone is visiting! I know it would probably cause lots of problems but it would be so fun to decorate with my friends
I would def like an interactive minigame that involves the villagers of the other town!
I think it would be rly cute
I think minigames would be really cool too! (My personal most wanted one would be a rhythm game with KK Slider's songs where you compete with anyother player to see who gets the highest score/who gets closest to perfect, but I think that's maybe a little too pipe-dreamy...
I want the minigames back from New Leaf, and perhaps some more too. Maybe you could even make a collaborative town with someone online, or there could be like a sped up mini version of the main game to play together at the same time. I dont know, it’s not gonna happen but it was just a thought. I just want the minigames back!
I just want them to bring back Tortimer's Island and the mini-games 😭 Would be nice if they added all kinds of mini-games, maybe some could be tied to furniture kinda like how puzzle league and desert island escape were tied to nintendo consoles. A chess board that you could play either chess or checkers on could be neat!

They could maybe even make crafting and cooking possible to do as a multiplayer minigame somehow.