What potential features do you hope will NEVER be in an Animal Crossing game?

I’ve always loved the idea of customizable villagers, but it would be a bit overwhelming for some people (myself included, realistically, as much as I would love to try this out)… so if this does become a thing, it should be optional.
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Maaan, the HHA can go suck an egg. 👅👎 Maybe Zipper T Bunny has a big rotten one for 'em. 🐰🥚 I never cared for the HHA's ratings. They just spam your mailbox with their junk mail and whine about furniture facing the "wrong" direction. Those clowns are lucky you can't bury pitfall seeds immediately in front of the door. 😠🚪
For real. I can’t effing stand the HRA/HHA. It’s tolerable and City Folk and Leaf, as you can opt out of getting letters in cityfolk and you only get letters in new leaf when you reach a certain milestone, but in the other three games, it’s just a mess. Especially GameCube! Oh my God! Do not even get me started…

Well, this feature is already in an Animal Crossing game so it already fails the "never" part, but I seriously hope that breakable tools are never featured in any future Animal Crossing game ever again.
Same here! no one wants to shovel up flowers, do watering, catch fish, catch bugs, etc., only to have to buy another tool, or go through the rigmarole of crafting one. This is easily my least favorite feature introduced into New Horizons.
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Oh... A 'build your own villager' feature would be incredibly terrifying. That would turn Animal Crossing into a game of Frankenstein.

No. Just... No.
I would honestly love this. I'd make an undead village! Mwa ha ha!

But uhm... one thing I'd hate to see in the game is players being forced into the same house again like Wild World. I don't think they'll ever do this again, but who knows?
Full voice acting would be so cursed, I know it seems like it would be too much to develop but some day I could imagine offloading it to AI and I'd rather not, Animalese is so cute :(