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after seeing you guys rep at smash camp for like 3 years now, i figured i'd join up.

i'm from the nf. it is my e-home.
i always found it kinda weird that i'm always on nintendo forums, even though i don't really like nintendo games all that much. i like nintendo systems however.
pc g@m3r 4 lyfe

but anyways, i'm from ontario, canada. i moved here from british columbia, and prior to bc i lived and was born in poland.

uhh, i really like music. i wanna get into music production as a career.
i can play the baritone.
my favorite genre is electronica, preferably electro house.
this is my track of the moment

i'm really excited for this tuesday, because starcraft 2 is coming out. i wanna get really competitive in that *censored.2.0*; maybe host some tournaments and stuff. got the collectors edition on pre-order and day one shipping.
i see you guys got a tf2 server, so i'll be checking that out too.

see you around

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