Windows Msnger Vs Itunes Vs Yahoo Music Engine


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Jul 11, 2005
ok this is where u vote

Windows messenger

or Itunes (1 dollar per song)

Yahoo music engine(75 cents per song + you can get Yahoo Unlimited(you can dl as much songs as your heart desires) (Option 1.50 bucks per year [that adds up to 5 bucks a month]Option 2. or you can just plain choose monthly and that would be 7 bucks per month)
dude no it dosnt

liek itunes has like maby 5 greenday albums

yahoo music engine has atleast 10 of them

itunes has like 4 rames

yahoo music engine has like 20


yahoo music engine has WAY more
Can you try and not post so many times? A lot of these posts should've been in one, and saying "lol" or "ok" doesn't qualify as being worth a post, especially a double post.

Oh, and LimeWire is best.

:p Absolutely free. >=D
and filled with Viruses and also is illigal

for 7 bucks a month for unlimited songs i think its worth it

*reports mino to cops*

u still like limewire the best

jp i wouldnt do that but seriously limewire is fileld with viruses and its completely 99.9% illigal

(the .1 percent is the music that actually isnt copyrighted on there, like a local band or someone who hasnt got signed)