Mario Who is your Mario Party main?


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Sep 20, 2013
Old Eggs
Each Mario Party game has different characters, but who do you generally main? I was always very attached to Wario since Mario Party 4, my first game in the series. I played Mario Party 5 and loved playing team mode, where I played as Koopa Kid and Wario was my partner. There was something intriguing about playing as a Koopa Kid, but I had to team with Wario.

In Mario Party Superstars, I play as Wario.
I’ve only played Mario Party Switch— and on there, I play as Rosalina or Peach. In Mario Kart 8, I play as Rosalina too lol.
I played a lot of Mario Party 8 with my sisters when we were kids. c: Peach was always my main! My sisters liked playing as Daisy and Toad.
I’ve only played Mario Party Superstars. When I first started playing, I didn’t really have an attachment to or preference for any of the characters (mostly because I was disappointed that Monty Mole wasn’t an option tbh 😅), so I would just play as a different character each time. I played as Waluigi most often though, mainly because I like his “time for Waluigiiii” catchphrase he says every turn lol

I eventually got a little bored of playing as Waluigi, plus I became convinced that his lanky legs sabotage me during mini-games (especially Paths of Peril) lol, so I started playing as Daisy instead. She’s been my main for the past year or so, and I honestly really like playing as her! She’s my favourite out of all the characters in mps, so I’m not sure why it took me so long to start.

When someone else picks Daisy for a game, I‘ll go with Waluigi, Peach or Yoshi. I’m holding out hope that I’ll be able to main Monty Mole in a future Mario Party game, but Daisy’s great in the meantime. 🧡
Just like with Mario Kart, Yoshi is my Mario Party main!
I have only played Mario Party: The Top 100 and Mario Party Superstars. My Main is Mario in both of those games and probably my main if I played the rest of the series.
I like playing as any of the princesses because one, they're cute 🌺💕👑 and two, they take up more space. 🤭 I want a bigger hit-box detection on my character so that I can grab coins quicker, reach goals quicker and bump people out of the way better too. 💪 Same reason why I like using Wario in Mario Kart 64: to knock people out of the way and be less susceptible to being knocked out. 🏁

Well, I think those hit-boxes only apply in the N64 games. The developers probably wised up by the newer installments. 😳 Even if they don't actually have bigger hit-boxes, that doesn't matter: it's the mind games! Your opponent will believe you have bigger hit-boxes and fear you! Don't tell them the truth! 🤫🔇🙊
Yoshi since day 1. I can always tell when someone I’m playing with is gonna try to pick Yoshi… and I am always faster. 👽
I am always Rosalina and if someone beats me to her, I feel all sorts of wrong.
It depends on which game it is and who is available. I don't necessarily have a dedicated "main" like in other games, instead having certain ones that I swap between.

I played the original Mario Party as a child when it was new, but I haven't played it since then, as I only rented it from the video store and never actually got a copy for myself. However, I'd probably opt for Peach if I were to play it again. Donkey Kong also has some appeal since he eventually leaves the playable roster to become an NPC.

Mario Party 2 is also a Peach (or DK) game since it has the same playable characters.

Mario Party 3 introduced Waluigi and Daisy to the Party games, and I like them, so they (or Peach or DK) are most likely.

Same applies for Mario Party 4.

Mario Party 5 added Boo, so obviously going for Boo, but I'll alternate with Daisy, Waluigi, and Peach like before if I just want to switch it up for whatever reason.

I have Mario Party 6 and 7 but don't think I played them much because of the microphone. A shame, since they added Dry Bones in 7.

Never played 8, 9, or 10, nor any of the handheld installments for the GBA, DS, or 3DS. Is 8 any good? I just kind of didn't pay attention to it at the time, I guess, probably because of the disappointment with 6 and 7. For 9 and 10, I saw the car mechanic and just wasn't interested. As for the handheld installments, I didn't know about the GBA and DS titles when they were out, finding out about them later. I knew about the 3DS ones but just never bothered.

Only played Super Mario Party at a friend's once, but if I were to play it again, probably Boo, Dry Bones, or Rosalina.

Finally, in Mario Party Superstars, I usually use Rosalina (or Daisy if someone else picked Rosalina) or Waluigi.
I always go with Shy Guy. If not, then Goomba. From my childhood playing Super Mario Bros on NES and then Mario Bros 2, I loved the little guys. They may be the bad guys, but they are cute and I always pretended in my head that they really weren't bad, just forced to go to work by the big bads haha
I haven't played all the Mario Party games, but Dry Bones would be my main pick for the rare times he was in the series (7/8/Super). Otherwise it's either been Mario (1-2 and 3's story) or Waluigi (3 in party mode + the rest).
Toadette in any game she is playable in. I will typically play Wario if she isn't, but there are some exceptions like Birdo in superstars!
Wario has been my Mario Party main since I was 9 years old. In fact, I main Wario whenever he is available as a playable character in any game.