Mario Who is your Mario Party main?

Donkey Kong is my #1 pick when he is available, that's who I always select now when playing Mario Party Superstars. He's always been my favourite and there usually isn't any fight over who gets to pick him when playing with others lol.
Growing up the Mario Party game I owned and played the most was Mario Party 7 where Donkey Kong isn't playable so back then I would mostly play as Toadette.
I've only played two Mario Party games, so in Super Mario Party, definitely Monty Mole! In Mario Party Superstars, I've only played as Birdo. My back-up in both instances would probably be Daisy.
Yoshi, if I can. I've loved Yoshi since I was a child. But if he's taken, then Daisy or Luigi.
I'd always pick Yoshi in the older games, and pick Boo in the later games. I was obsessed with both growing up. They are my favorite Mario characters to this day.