What will happen in: DS v. PSP?

DS will deffinatly win, not just because im a fanboy :D, but because its so darn cool, theres nothing that really "Wows" me in the PSP, its just another smaller PS2
I voted for the wrong thing. I wanted to say that the DS will crush the PSP, but said that DS will win by the skin of its teeth.
me, im a fanboy... and proud of it

:) but im serious DS will win against the PSP once the PSP fans realize they've been cheated.
The PSP doesn't stand a chance. It's just a hunk of useless, easy-to-break metal that costs more than the real gaming system, which is the DS.
BAMBAM! said:
<_< >_> uhhh I think the PSP is a tiny bit better....*looks at other poeples faces...runs away*
YOU!!!!!! (draws sword, runs over to BAMBAM! to chop him in half)
AC1983FAN said:
They will be equal, I said.
Most people would buy both if they had enough money, I think
I would, that's for sure.

Then again, no I wouldn't, I'd buy more DS games.

To tell you the truth, the DS will win in the long run. Not just because it has less flaws and at a cheaper price, but because of its future. At first, the lineup for games on its release date wasn't exactly fantasic, but it holds a promising future. With games such as New Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing DS, Metroid Prime Hunters, and so on.
With the PSP, you know what you're getting. But with the DS, there can always be something totally new and innovative.