What Are You Happy About Today?

i put in my new joycons & seems to be working fine now :D
i'm so happy :love:

with help from a youtube video, i turned off my pikachu & eevee joy cons & now i think i can play with no worries of drift until the next time it happens :love: especially spyro trilogy... *especially spyro 2 & 3*
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Very cool! That must have been so amazing to see in person. Thanks for sharing! 🐙
It was a very fun experience, thank you! I always chalked it up as I wouldn't be able to go and see things like this, but you never know what the future has in store. If it's something any of you have not done and want to do, there is always the possibility!

I also saw some sea turtles. I didn't expect them to be so fast. As soon as I saw them they were gone, sometimes. (Coming home and being trapped in an airplane for 14 hours when the flight was originally 2 hours was not the highlight lmao, but it was worth it to see such a pretty place.)

Have fun with your game gathering!
Best I managed with my camera. It kept giving me fits. Wouldn't hold a charge, card was getting full without any recordings/pictures, ect.
Today was overall a good day 🙂.

Earlier I got a legendary from a trade on pokemon home.


the pokemon was found in pokemon go. I wasn’t sure if it was legit when I first saw it because of its level and also idk why anyone would trade a legendary for a ditto (that’s how I got it). I asked a friend and they think it is probably legit; I did read somewhere that you can find legendary pokemon in Pokemon Go at level 20.

I almost got another legendary from a ditto trade but I was too slow 😅; it was Null (I didn’t recognize it since I didn’t play the game it was in).

When I was working on building my shiny Azurill (now Azumarill), I saw it had a mark!


The mark made me laugh because I think it is perfect for me since I usually have zero energy 😂.

I had fun playing a game with a friend today :D.

That’s it for now 🙂
My siblings and I are gonna see Inside Out 2 tomorrow! Even though I said in one of my previous posts that we're going on my sister's birthday, tomorrow isn't actually her day... It's the 10th! We picked that time because my sister's gonna go somewhere else on her birthday.

I also started crocheting a pouch for my headphones as I lost the drawstring bag that came with it a while ago. Things are going smoothly so far! 🧶 When I'm done I'll share the finished product here and in my "crocheted goods" thread.
I played my first ever tabletop RPG today and it was pretty fun. We played Dungeon Crawl Classics, which was described to me as D&D lite. We made it through 3/4 of the dungeon before someone had to leave, so we'll be finishing it the next time we're all available. It was definitely a learning experience for me, but luckily everyone was cool about it.

We went to a friend's house to play and he has a bunch of rescue cats. Several of them were very friendly and one in particular was loving on me and letting me pet him the majority of the time he was in the room.
Got to see the newest episode of One Piece and another episode of Haikyuu with my parents this morning!! We also watched some Youtube videos later on, including another of ZombieCleo’s Hermitcraft series and one of Markiplier’s recent vids!

I made a lot of progress in Pokémon White 2 today! Made it all the way from Undella Town to beating the Opelucid City Gym + a bit of the story that followed, and I also caught both Cobalion and Virizion!
A few days ago I found out a company has taken RWBY under its wing, so it has a new place to call home and hopefully volume 10 can be released~
Been actually thinking of my own characters for a team; just the semblances and weapons trying to think of a perfect they can use.

Also played splatoon a bit and plan to do more after I write a statement for this apprenitice job I found for the war musuem! Looks really good!
- Managed to sleep early before work today, grab some breakfast, worked, and now I'm off for two days! The shift wasn't bad either, mostly chill before and after lunch rush :)

- Got home, had a bath, then ate a pizza. Now just chilling with an aero mint mocha coffee ❤️:coffee:

- It's a glorious day today, 19 Celsius and very sunny ☀️
I've been taking a bit of a break from the forums for the past few weeks, but can't stay away for too long lmao

- My mental health dip is clearing up now, which I'm grateful for! I'm really grateful for the friends, irl and online who've reached out to me just to chat, sometimes it feels really hard to start a conversation 💚
- Grateful to be on holidays! I'm planning to catch up with some friends the next week or two I have left!
- Been drawing a bit more lately which is nice 😊 Today I fully designed one new character, and half did another! I've never done much character design before, but I'm enjoying it! I kinda wanna join artfight, but I feel like it's too late to start and I've never done it before 😭
- I have access to chocolate biscuits right now
- Got back to one house today, and my cat jumped out at me, so I sat with him cuddling until I needed to move and take an antihistamine. He's so silly and cute.
- Ended my evening calling my partner and playing genshin! Trying to save wishes for Navia and build Wanderer atm, since I didn't expect to get him and hadn't spent much time on him yet!

I hope you all are doing well 😊
I’m starting to feel icky since I haven’t slept at all yet 😅, but I’m pretty happy and am having a good day 🙂.

I got five legendaries from trading dittos on Pokemon Home; I’m hoping to find more. :D.


I really hope I don’t find out later that these aren’t legit. The level of the non-Pokemon Go ones looks about right if my memory serves me right of the level range of some legendaries.

I found a good spot to farm for dittos and also read something that made looking for dittos easier. :D I hope I can find a shiny ditto for myself soon.

Jewels snuggled with me under the blankets a little bit this morning 🥰. Spanky played with me a little downstairs :D.

This weekend is going to be pretty busy. I got a few days planned to play a game with friends :D.

That’s it for now 🙂.
I’m happy because I was hired today at that job I interviewed for! It’s only part time and two days a week, but the hours are more reasonable given they are six hour days! I’m also going to keep working my other job until the days start overlapping.
I ended up getting my WiFi turned back on until we officially move at no cost. It’s a really long story, but in short, I was honest with them about why I didn’t pay my bill this month and now I have it turned back on. I don’t have to continue my payments until after the move at the end of this month. It’s amazing what you can get by just being honest.