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well i had a full day...


Retired Staff
Feb 6, 2005
wheew... that was a long day, and completely awsome


i woke up at like... 9... came here for a couple of hours, made like 3 sigs... then at noon i went Rock climbing/Bouldering for about 5 1/2+ hours... came home, ate, and played tennis til i couldn't see anything


i think im tired...


so... anyone else do anything worth mentioning...


OMG! I had a full day, too!

I woke up at about 9 as well, and then my brother and dad went to my brother's drawing lesson. I played Advance Wars DS at home.

:p Then my dad and my brother cam back home, we ate, and then went to the store to get some sport shoes. We bought some, went back home, rested, and then went to the local Sports Club. It was pretty tiring... we played basketball for about 40 minutes, exercized on equipment for about 40 minutes as well, and then went to swim for about half an hour.

Overall, cool day.

Lets see, I got up around 6:30 like usual. Then I went to go see my dads football game. then I played 9 holes of Golf, thn came home.
I didn't.

I spent most of my time on the computer, doing things here and other places.


But, around the evening, I did some yardwork and went out to eat.
I sat on the forums and played Nintendogs all day. Then, I watched [AS]. Infact, I think I'll watch it again.
MasterDSX said:
I sat on the forums and played Nintendogs all day. Then, I watched [AS]. Infact, I think I'll watch it again.
That sounds like me.

well... for laborday weekend, this starts Saturday, I went for a long bikride with a friend followed by taking a jetski out on a lake then went to a Kane county Cougars game, which went til 10ish, the next day got up early went to six flags with family, actually got to ride almost every roller coaster, which is cool!, and then that night I went to see the 40 yr old virgin for the second time, the following day, labor day my pool was open for the last time so went there for a while chated with life gaurd friends and just swam, and then went to a family party for my Grandma's birhtday. :lol: