Visit today!


Jun 10, 2005
Old Eggs
Hey everybody, i'm going to be online today via the WFC, starting at 2:00 P.M. and going until about 10:00 P.M. Central time. If you want to come just enter in all my info and stuff, and come visit my village, I have cherries in case you were wondering. Bring fruit!

Chuck in Sonobe, 0430-1040-5859
Nickname on ACWW: WeedStar

nationality: Australia, SA

Time usually on: ANY


friend code: 2964-1352-9473

PS: Ill be hosting The First Australian Animal Crossing: Wild World WFC Tournament
check out for more details.

hey hey ill be Setting up WFC IN 5MINS everyones welcome

Rules are: No Running thru Flowers or small saplings,No taking fruit without Asking, No Spam Posting on BB.

I will be offering door prizes too everyone that helps out in my town and respects the surroundings also!

PS: For all you visiters please leave a signature on the BB next to your Town Hall, no junk posts, Rude, or plain Stupid please you know what i mean!!!

Its nice to post about Hints & Tips, general game content, Events at your town etc. Be Creative!

e.g. This Towns Looks Champ, the lay out of the map its one of the best i have seen, this main towns fruit is apples peace.
Oh BTW the gate will be open in another 5mins because i am starting to regiser everyone in my ACWW
i am starting with the Most Recent ACWW Friend Codes, there are soo many that i will not have the time to put all of them in so only most likely for 20 most newest id codes

If anyone has a old player id code posting and want to join in my town and cant because i have not registered you please PM me thanks you and everyone have FuN

Okies there players i have added from this web site are:

Chuck in Sonobe
Kao in Atlantis
Julius in Zebes
Goten in Zebes
Faramir in Gondor
Chris in Fourside
Kloud in Cirrus
JayConn in Winchest
bob in bobvilli
Raymond in Michigan
Justin in Da Town
Flick in Quagton
Tetra in Twoson
Nathan in 64town

If your not in this list and would like to play with me and help each others Towns out PM me your Name: Town: ACWW ID CODE:
and ill add you asap i have 7 more spots left =) because i am hosting tournaments soon 8)