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Topic Time: What's on the Tely?


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Jan 5, 2005
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Ok well I mean to help people get more active around here so I will start topics like this now.

I just want to ask what are people's favorite shows on TV around here?

I enjoy a variety of shows but mainly I watch adult swim at night.
I love Family guy

and Futurama for great comedy shows and then some of the anamie shows such as Fullmetal Alchemist and Paranoia Agent for more action/dramatic shows.

anything else I watch is rather random and sparatic as I don't watch TV all day but catch a show here and there.


i watch the Simpsons... whenever i've got nothing better to do... yeah...

thats about it... i see family guy once a century...

in other words... i've usually got something better to do

I don't watch much TV. I'm usually hanging out with my friends, or at the house doing something random. When I do watch TV, I try to watch something on G4Tech or Boomerang. I love the old cartoons!
Yes there are many good shows out there.
I do enjoy watching fox normally durring my Dinner so I catch the Simpsons of Malcom or Sienfeld wihch is also a pretty funny show.