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The New Gender Poll


Retired Staff
Dec 28, 2004
I think that I'll try this again, I found the old one way back in the boards. This will also serve as a refrence and a way to use the pronouns right. So, by using this, we won't be calling her him or vice versa.

Also, when you vote, please post what gender you are. It's no good if you vote but we don't know what you are.

UltraByte is like the only active female I think.........
Let me think...

:huh: um... *does super hard math* muahaha I am boy! but I putted none kuz im half robot. :wacko: :evillaugh:
BASTOISE99 said:
Sorry, I hit the wrong button...I'm actually a female
Yeah, right, Blast.

Hey Smart_Tech, what's the point of adding none, if we have no.... nones at TBT?