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The Life of Dragon Slayer:Part I


Retired Staff
Dec 3, 2004

This is about a man named Reo Nasaguro. He was a couragous man who lived in aceint Japan. He was a mighty Slayer of Dragons in the city of Hiro. He was killed in a fierce battle against the mighty dragon Yasminko. Throughout history his family was dedicated to killing dragons. In the year 1000, the last person with Nasaguro's blood running through his veins was a man named Sorra Nasaguro. Only guided by his teacher, Tagasi, he had to learn the ancient spells and techniques of the Great Dragon Slayer. It was up to him to avenge his family and kill the mighty dragon...Yasminko.

Stay tuned for more chapters...
If this is for my fan-fic contest, it won't work. The fan-fic has to be about video-games.
Chapter Two

As Sorra and Tagasi were on their way to Quiao, they encountered a mysterious woman named Jian Soranato. Only equipped with a katana, Sorra is challenged to a battle to test his will to kill Yasminko, his devotion to learning the ancient techniques of Reo, and his strength
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Chapter 3

Sorra and Jian race for the death in this chapter and who will win