The Famicom


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Nov 17, 2008
Dragon Tokens
And yes, I mean the Famicom, not the NES. While it may seem like it's very similar to the NES, aside from the fact that it plays FC games and the NES plays NES games, there is one big difference: music quality of certain games. The Famicom had amazing audio capabilities--more than that of the NES. The chip that allowed this was taken out when the NES was given a 72 pin connector.

Example: - NES Zelda Title - Famicom Zelda Title

Sucks that the NES couldn't produce as wonderful music (although I will say that the NES did have some great music).

Anyway, after picking up a cheap Famicom + peripheral that'll allow me to play NES games on my Famicom, my NES will be going into storage for awhile.
That's pretty cool Tortimer, I never knew of a difference between the 2 system except the floppy disc games on the famicom. I bet it's really hard to find one now days that's cheap...
Floppy Disk Famicom games were actually for the Famicom Disk System! Don't have one myself but they're pretty cool. Usually run for around $80.