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Jun 2, 2023
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The Infamous Photopia Edit Dumping Ground

Lately, I've been receiving many compliments about my custom signature work, using nothing but Photopia screenshots, clip art, and decent editing skills in GIMP. I tend to make these things when I'm bored, and these pieces are no exception. This thread is obviously a WIP, but I plan on putting everything in a Pinterest gallery once I reach the image limit for a single post. Here's what I've made so far...

Ordinary Average Cat Text.jpg

The image that got me into this sort of thing after joining TBT. All I did was photoshop a GMOD version of Bob to create an avatar that mimics the artwork of Joe Walsh's 1991 album Ordinary Average Guy. I've ran with this avatar on and off randomly since.

Antelopes Are Hard to Find Inner (Faded).jpg
Antelopes Are Hard to Find Inner.jpg

This was one of the first things I made when I created Brucewood Mac. This is intended to be inner LP sleeve art for Antelopes Are Hard to Find (aka the paper that's intended to protect the vinyl record) with pictures of the members and the instruments each one plays. It also has somewhat of a worn design (left). The image on the right is the normal version with no added filters.

Dumbfound Deer.jpg
Antelopes Are Hard to Find.jpg
Katt Wasp.jpg
De Dogil.jpg

Here's the various LP's I've created so far; all are based off actual LP art. From left to right:​
Tom Bantamweight Border.jpg
Life and Times of Bob.jpg
Beach Lineup Banner V2.png

Band Holiday Sig.jpg



Various banners I've made to put into my signature on TBT.​
  • Tom's banner is meant to mimic Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter announcements, but I couldn't make it look any better than adding text. Honestly, I think it's alright without the black paint splatters.​
  • Bob's is simple, and it's the first one I made that was intended to be a signature. It's not wide enough to properly fit, but maybe I'll reuse it for a short story on my journal.​
  • The "epic lineup" one took quite a bit of work. I took a photo of every villager (including my player character) individually in front of a green screen in Photopia, then painstakingly chroma-keyed and scaled each one to put in front of a sunset, therefore giving the impression that they're my supporting cast for an action movie. I really loved how it turned out. It could maybe see a third edit to make it look even better (this is the second; the first was off scale-wise and had different text).​
  • The holiday one is Brucewood Mac in a "family photo" sort of thing. It really didn't take me long to edit this; the only hard part was making the "from" text on the fireplace, believe it or not. Text arches are a pain to make manually.​
  • The solo Lopez banner wasn't heavily inspired by anything, though I did take some influences from both Jimmy Page's 1988 album Outrider and Jeff Beck's 1976 album Wired. For some reason, there's something about Lopez's side glare that makes me like him a whole lot more; or maybe he's just so darn cool that I wanted to show my appreciation for him further.​
  • The Bruce and Lopez banner is pretty much similar to the solo Lopez version, but with a few significant edits. It's kind of cool how I made them hold guitars. If only Nintendo let us do that in New Horizons...​
  • I wanted to make something with Sasha in it. I looked at that little Pocket Camp event that was going on featuring him, and saw that he has an aesthetic of stargazing outdoors in the wilderness. Given that I already had a wallpaper image on hand that I could use for something, the decision was made to create a banner promoting the idea of kindness within the community and beyond. It's not easy to do with everyone, but at least the mint bunny is on board.​
  • Yet another Bruce and Lopez banner, but with both in the same side-eye serious pose I frequently give them (Lopez especially). They're not holding guitars this time, though I inserted little icons in the top corners. I was originally going to do a cross of the two guitars under the text, but it didn't look right with the Gaia logo underneath. I revisited that later, though made it look better.​
  • Kyle howling to the aurora borealis to summon the great wolf in the sky. This one is based off my overall collectable aesthetic, as well as a short story I wrote for this site about Kyle losing and reminiscing about his father (no, Dobie is not Kyle's father). Maybe this banner is my most emotional one to date?​
A Salty Bird V2.jpg

Alone with My Thoughts [Sig].jpg

And here's some random miscellaneous stuff.​
  • The Gulliver avatar was one that I ran very briefly before changing it back to the original one at the top of this page. The inspiration came from Procol Harum's 1969 album A Salty Dog.​
  • I made the Tom GIF to show another user in a NH thread certain animations that can be done exclusively in HHP. Of course, I got an idea to make something cool out of what I recorded, so I mashed the clips together in Adobe Premiere and made a little training montage featuring the bantamweight fighter. There's a few parts where Tom behaves like a real cat (the speed bag lol) but I'm impressed on how it turned out.​
  • The Roscoe "red-eye" avatar is my personal favorite so far. It was somewhat inspired by Roscoe's Pocket Camp description. It's the existing "Dark Horse" picture I took earlier, but altered to remove all saturation, except in his eye as it's his most identifiable appearance feature. Filters were also applied to make it look like a dusty, printed photograph. Could you say that he's indeed a true "dark horse" now?​
  • I've made two avatars so far featuring Kyle: One is a picture I took of him at night on my actual island, holding a net. The other one is a (raw) Photopia picture of him under a borealis from the same photo session as the above signature variant. I tried for a lo-fi look for the "net" one, but I think the colors and exposure could've been better, honestly. As for the "borealis" one, I thought it looked so good without extra filters, that I simply cropped the picture into avatar size and ran with it for a bit.​
  • The Dotty banner was not taken by me - this is a render by Densle, a YouTuber who has made Animal Crossing shorts using all sorts of animation software and techniques (aka not solely in Source Filmmaker) that make the shorts look just like what Nintendo themselves would make. They're really good. This image of Dotty is from a scene in Densle's short Time Travelling Designer where she appears confused in a big flower field, due to the player character time travelling over and over to get his island built up quick.​
    • I also got a real kick out of her having Animalese dialogue parts in this short, which made me smile big as Dotty is one of my all-time favorite villagers. The best part is when she makes a sarcastic comment to Nook at a bridge ceremony, who subsequently whacks her with a party popper to keep her thoughts to herself as he knows something isn't right with this player villager.​
    • Seriously, go check Densle out. He's such a talented dude who also makes original music and mashed all the shorts together in one big movie that's over an hour long, as they all tell the same continuing story.​

I really like making things like these in my spare time alongside the short stories in my island journal. It's essentially a creative getaway from the hustle and bustle of life that I sometimes can't stand. Feel free to comment/compliment/suggest what to do better/etc. if you want, but I do not feel comfortable taking any requests at this time. I want to improve eventually, and maybe one day I can be like Densle and create my own GMOD/SFM shorts with Animal Crossing characters. That would be a dream to do.
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My newest faux-album, which actually took less time to make than I thought:


It's based off the original UK artwork for Thin Lizzy's 1971 debut album, though with Roscoe instead of a car. For some reason, the US and Canadian versions were originally released with different artwork, though now all current releases of that album carry the original UK art.

And here's the rear. Again, it's based off the original UK LP from '71:

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Dude this GIF is so epic! I wish I knew how to make stuff like this! I always look forward to seeing your Photopia edits, so creative and talented!
Thanks! I'm sort of used to Adobe Premiere's features after using it so often in high school, so I decided to refresh my skills a bit. Besides, if Tom's background is being a bantamweight fighter, why not actually show him punching something and giving him more of a personality?

Despite me using Premiere for video content, I use GIMP over Photoshop as that program is free and easier to use. I'm not as experienced with photo editing as I am with video stuff, but it's something I would love to learn more about. I would also like to use After Effects for logos and other things, but I'm not yet fully committed to spending more a month for a program I would only use sub-partly. All in all, I really do like looking at stuff I've made specifically for this site over and over. It isn't like this for the other content I've made, which may or may not be a good thing.
Here's the unedited pictures I used for the "Dark Horse" art I made earlier, in case anyone's interested in seeing the trickery I did:

Roscoe Studio Pose.jpg
Roscoe Studio.jpg

Not much trickery being used for Roscoe. For the one where he's standing, I had him do one of the poses villagers can make when dressing them in Photopia ("Work It" I think), so that his pupil looks forward. For the one with his drum set, I made him do the "groove right" reaction while sitting on a stool to make it look like he's about to grab his sticks.

Colton Studio 2.jpg
Elmer Studio 3.jpg

Colton's isn't much - it's another "work it" pose. Elmer's, however, I made to look like he's playing an old synthesizer, but it's just a table that had the legs cropped out. He's doing one of the "flex" poses, in which I snapped the picture right as he looked down.

Colton, Elmer & Roscoe Film.jpg

I couldn't replicate the back band photo from the Thin Lizzy LP very well, so I had to improvise and make my own take. The band got out of a car in the middle of a deserted road, coming up with numerous ideas for the location of a potential "nowhereland" festival. This is the color version of what was on the LP.

Roscoe Fisheye.jpg
Roscoe Casual.jpg

Two separate photos here. The fisheye lens in-game was good enough to use for the actual art with a "surprise" reaction from Roscoe, and I was easily able to alpha out his eye as a result. Again, I made him do a "work it" pose on the regular shot so that his pupil looks forward.

I gotta say, Roscoe shot up to the top of my "most wanted villager" list after doing this session. I've never had him before in any of my towns, and that's likely going to change in the next game. He's so cool.​
My newest signature banner featuring Lopez:


This wasn't heavily inspired by anything, though I did take some influences from both Jimmy Page's 1988 album Outrider and Jeff Beck's 1976 album Wired. For some reason, there's something about Lopez's side glare that makes me like him a whole lot more; or maybe he's just so darn cool that I wanted to show my appreciation for him further.​
"Have you ever seen a dark-red eye floating in the night sky? Yeah, that was just Roscoe."
- Nintendo's description; Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Intended for use as an avatar, I was somewhat inspired by Roscoe's Pocket Camp description to make this. It's the existing "Dark Horse" picture I took earlier, but altered to remove all saturation, except in his eye as it's his most identifiable appearance feature. Filters were also applied to make it look like a dusty, printed photograph. Could you say that he's indeed a true "dark horse" now?​
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I made some edits to my Lopez banner, now including Bruce...


I re-did the directional blurs, text, and Gaia logo. The background has also been brightened. Oh, and since they're "rock bucks", I gave them guitars from their roles in Brucewood Mac. The alpha key for Bruce isn't the best, but you wouldn't be able to tell unless you zoomed up to him intensely. Otherwise, I tried.​
Here's one I did real quick because it was fairly easy:


It's heavily based off the inner gatefold design of Roxy Music's 1973 album For Your Pleasure (Left & Right), though without the guitars as that would take a ton of effort to edit in. I also laid the names out horizontally as doing them vertically just wasn't working out. All the villagers except Katt were in these poses at the same time; for Katt's, I took another picture of her reaction without moving the camera, then "spliced" her in. She pulls off the "scare" reaction the best out of all the villagers; don't you agree?

Oh, and I also really wanted to include Sasha in something, hence why he appears here.

Yeah, this is how I spent an otherwise boring Monday night.​
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Another product resulting from pure boredom...


I can't get enough of these two, can I?

After second glance, the colors needed some adjustment in terms of brightness. Also, the white border was probably a bad choice if going for a drop shadow. Oh well, I fixed all that later as I really wanted to get it done at the time.
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Here's another banner I've created that's based off my aesthetic. Kyle howling to the borealis, accompanied by the great wolf in the sky.

The mountain/aurora background is simply the wallpaper you can find in New Horizons, while I threw in the "ghost head" of Dobie cause, well, he'd work well as a wise sky spirit like Simba's dad in The Lion King. I think I did alright with it.​
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TFW Gaia Logo Blue.png

A custom "Trevor from Wahu / Gaia" logo I threw together, recolored from elements from the Bruce & Lopez banners above. I may edit the deer icons later to give them Bruce and Lopez antlers, but the size of the original file is incredibly small to work with, so it'll pose somewhat of a challenge. I also got the "X" guitar concept looking semi-decent this time, so there's that.​