The Emperor Returns: Smart Tech Series

June 5, 2005

A Space Pirate Frigate had spotted an unknown escape pod near the asteroid 2010-C. The Frigate had retrieved it, and to their leader's approval, was taking it to their new home world, Zebes II. What they didn't know was that the Emperor of the former Humanus Empire was in that pod, ready to conquer this dimension and recreate the Empire.

"Ridlita, we are now in orbit around Zebes II. We shall be transporting the pod to Research Lab I so Science Team can study it." Said the Space Pirate Captain. "Excellent.
Once you find out where it came from, tell me." Said Ridlita, the daughter of Ridley, their former leader. "Of course, ma'am." The Space Pirate Captain them ended the transmission.

From there, a group of Space Pirates had transported the pod from their ship to the Research Lab. They didn't know whether to be careful with it, so it had a few dents. The Emperor inside, was not having too much fun. "What are they doing out there, using me for target practice? Or do they just enjoy roughing up escape pods?" Though the Emperor, as he was in stasis. Finally, the Pirates were able to get the pod to the Lab. Being lazy, they forgot to put up the containment field in case the person inside would try to escape. The Pirates, after moving the pod, walked out of the lab, sealing the door when they left.

After hours of waiting, the nocturnal stage of the planet's rotation, or "Night", was here. All of the Pirates were asleep, including most of the Security Force. "Good, they're all asleep. This is a good time to escape." The Emperor engaged the opening mechanism inside the pod, and he was out. "Hmm, they forgot to put up the containment field. This will be easier than I though." Said the Emperor, as he examined the room. "Ooh, someone just left a plasma rifle out in the open. You know that's not too safe." The Emperor grabbed it, and continued to walk around the room.
"Well, the Space Pirates in this dimension are more advanced than the ones I destroyed years ago. The ones here might have actually been able to disable my fleets. But, I know they won't be able to defeat me, as soon as I use their own ships against them." The Emperor walked to the door, and blasted it open. Suprisingly, no security guard came to apprehend him. "Wow, this is easier than I though it would be!" Exclaimed The Emperor, as he went through the corridors of the Space Pirate complex.

At last, he came upon Ship Bay 3. There was one security guard at the entrance, but he was asleep. The Emperor sneaked by quietly, and entered the bay. "Now, let's see, which one to choose?" The Emperor looked at all the ships, and decided to take a Frigate, much like the one that retrieved him. He hid in the cargo bay, waiting for this ship to take off. Once it did, he could kill the crew and control the ship. "Soon, the reign of Emperor Seth O. Clarence shall begin again!" Said the Emperor, as he waited in the Cargo Bay. Little did he know, that this Frigat would be lauching the nex day to resupply the Space Pirate base on Planet Tontai, about 60 lightyears away from the main base on Zebes II.
Heh, he just took the wrong frigate.

:p I can't wait until the next chapter, I liked your other fan-fic a lot.

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Heh, he just took the wrong frigate. :p I can't wait until the next chapter, I liked your other fan-fic a lot.

Thanks Pikmin. Don't worry, I'll try to get up the next part up today, if not, by tomorrow.
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June 6, 2005

The Emperor awaited on the Frigate, planning how to capture the ship. So far, he would do this: Wait until they are at least 30 lightyears away from Zebes II. Then, from the cargo bay, he would slowly go through the ship, zapping anyone who got in his way. HE would try to find his way to a control panel, and fill the bridge with a knock-out gas. Then, he would take control of the bridge and lock up the Pirates in the cargo bays until he arrived at a planet where he could leave them. It was a flawless plan. But, the hardest part was waiting. Good thing this Frigate had Warp engines.

About 1 hour after they left Zebes II, Emperor Seth decided that it was time to control the ship. He made his way out of the cargo bay, and into the corridors. So far, everything went smooth. "Wow, this will be easy." He said. Suddenly, he stopped. "Someone's coming." It was a security officer, patroling this part of the ship. When he had his back turned, Seth opened fire and zapped him. He then went to check on him. "He's dead. Oh well, I'm sure he won't be the only one."

After going through two corridors, one elevator, and 7 security guards (2 died), he made it to a control panel. "All right, let's get this started." He navigated his way through the system. "Okay, here we go. Knock-out gas to flood bridge. Happens in one minute. No audio warning." Seth confirmed the action, and waited. After two minutes of waiting in the nearby lounge, he went to the beidge. Sure enough, his plan worked. Everyone was out cold. "Good, it worked. Now, to get rid of these fools." Scanning the area, they were now in orbit around the planet Galzon, an abandoned planet with a hostile weather pattern. "This looks like a good spot." Said Emperor Seth. He then used the transporter to beam down everyone on the ship. "Finally. I have a vessel. Now, it's time to recruit some help. Computer, set course for Zebes II." The computer agreed, and Seth took his place in the Captains chair. "It won't be long before I start the New Empire." Said Seth, as he laughed evilily.
June 7, 2005

Emperor Seth, on the bridge of the recently-captured Space Pirate Frigate, was now flying back to the Pirate's home planet of Zebes II. His plan was a simple one: Disguise himself as a space pirate captain, capture a warship, and from there seek out the one who destroyed his empire: Smart Tech.

"That fool will regret ever messing with me!" Said Seth angrily, as he walked around the bridge. "All those years of power, control, and he ruined it all! He shall pay for this with his life!" Seth then pounded on a control panel in anger, leaving a good-sized dent.

At last, the frigate had arrived in orbit around Zebes II. "Time to don my disguise." Said Seth, as he pulled out something that looked like a wristwatch. He pressed a button, and in a flash of light, he looked just like the captain of the Space Pirate vessel. "Good old holoprojector. I haven't used you since that mob of teenage girls wanted my autograph." Seth then took his place in the captain's chair, and waited for landing.

Before landing, he had to be cleared. During re-entry, a Space Pirate cleared him for landing. Since the Pirate only saw the Pirate Captain and not Seth, Seth was able to land. When the ship landed, Seth hid in a crate in the Landing Bay until everyone was asleep.

After 3 hours later, Seth emerged from the crate. It was 02:00, perfect for taking a ship. Walking around the bay, Seth scanned his choices. Among the ships, he found one that he wanted. A Space Pirate Queen-Class warship. "I'll take this one. But before I go..." Seth ran inside the Frigate he captured, and activated the auto-detonation sequence. "They should have fun with that for a while". Seth said, as he made his way inside the warship.

Seth activated the ship's main computer. Here, he could give voice command for a course. "Computer, what is the current location of Smart Tech Dragon 15?" The Computer replied: "Asteroid L-1, in the Lunar Sector." Seth then said: "Set a course. I'll teach him not to mess with me." Seth sat in the captain's chair, laughing evily.

A little after the launch, the explosion of the Frigate took out the launch bay, and all of the ships in it. For a while, at least, he wouldn't have to worry about the Space Pirates catching them.
August 5, 2005

Meanwhile, while Emperor Seth was zooming through space, I was having a fun time at TBT. His birthday had just happened, and two users: Pie_Or_Die and JJRamone, had made sigs for him. Also, the game rooms had opened, and he was owning mostly everyone in Tank Attack. I, Smart Tech, did not expect anything to happen. The idea that Emperor Seth could be in our dimension had retreated to the back of my mind. I also thought that he would never find me. But, I would soon find out that I was wrong. Flying back to Asteroid L-1, I would get ready to take a break and get some sleep.


Meanwhile, aboard the Queen Class Space Pirate Ship, Emperor Seth was heading towards L-1 at a fast speed. But, to him, it was not fast enough. "I can't believe the Space Pirates in this dimension. You think they would've reached a way to travel lightspeed by now? Ancient rocket thrusters will have to do." All things considered, the ship was moving at a good speed, and what it lacked in speed made up for in weaponry. Seth, sitting in a chair, reading over the Armory aboard the ship, said: "What they don't have in speed they do make up in weaponry. Look at all of this! Our Space Pirates had never obtained the resources to craft Nuclear weapons! I'll definetly be able to rid myself of that pest, Smart Tech." Getting out of the chair, and walking to the glass panel overlooking space, Seth said in a calm tone of voice "He destroyed hundreds of years of work. But, he will pay with the ultimate price: Life. As long as I live, I vow to get my revenge on Smart Tech, one way or another."
August 6, 2005

Emperor Seth was closing in on Asteroid L-1. "Yes, finally I will destroy Smart Tech. He will once and for all pay for what he has done!" Zooming at full speed to the Asteroid, Emperor Seth laughed evilily.

Meanwhile, I was resting in my Asteroid home, sipping some tea. Yes, I drink tea. Anyways, the Asteroid Satellite had picked up something that had entered the sector. "Probably just some space debris." But, to make sure, I went and looked.

Leaving the asteroid, I saw what looked like a Space Pirate ship. "Must be passing through." But, as it got closer, I saw that it was a Queen Class vessel. "What in L-1 is that doing here?" But, when it was not more than 100 yards away, I opened up a communication channel, saying "Space Pirate Vessel, you are trespassing in private space. Change course now."

But, my reply was astonishing. "Smart Tech, you shall pay for destroying my empire and my hard work." It was Emperor Seth! He must've gotten into my dimension. How he got the ship, I didn't know, but at this point, I didn't care.

"What are you doing here?" I said. He replied: "Isn't it obvious? I've came to destroy you. Surrender now, or be blown into space dust. I don't care which one you choose, I win either way." "I don't think so!" I yelled, as I fired my Plasma Cannon at the ship. A hole was blown into the ship. "Yes, now to stop the Emperor."

Flying through the ship at fast speeds, I finally reached the Bridge. There, I once again saw the face of Emperor Seth. "Stop Smart Tech, or else you'll be fried!" He started firing at me with a weapon. "Shields activate!" My shields activated. I quickly knocked the weapon out of his hand and flew in closer.

Seth, looking a little paniced, said "Stay back, or I'll blow up the ship. We'll both be destroyed." But in his fear, he hit the wrong button. A blue colored laser fired into space. "What was that?" I asked. But, before I could find out, a portal opened, and the ship was being sucked into it. Grabbing a control panel, I said "Oh please don't take us to another dimension!" We were sailing through the portal, not knowing our next, and possibly final, stop.
August 7, Year Unknown

We were still sailing through the portal, going at very high speeds. I was holding on to the control panel for dear life. At what seemed like an hour, we had cleared the portal. "Yes, we're out." But, something was wrong. The portal had directed us to Earth and we were going to fast to stop. "Oh no, we're going to crash!" I said. Thinking quickly, I grabbed Emperor Seth, who was as frozen as a statue, and I heading for the escape pods. But, we did not make it. The ship had crashed.

"All right, are you okay?" I said to Seth. "Yeah, I'm fine. Um, I don't normally say this to anyone, but thanks for saving me." "Well, it was my pleasure." I replied. "I had no idea you could be so nice." I added. "Don't get used to it." Said Seth. "This was a one time occasion. We're still enemies." Walking through the debris to try and find an exit, I said "Okay, now where are we?" I found an exit, and when I flew out, I looked around. We crashed in a forest. Some trees had been knocked down. "I think the question is, when are we?" Seth said as he pointed ahead, and saw what appeared to be soldiers riding on horses. Seth and I quickly hid in the bushes. I overheard them say something in what sounded like Russian, and the rode off.

"Seth, I know where we are. We crashed in Russia." I told him. Seth said, "Well, this wasn't too bad then. Ah Russia, home to the Emperor." Said Seth delighted. "Wait a minute...Russia? That's where your from?" I asked him. Seth replied: "Of course, that's where the Capital of the Empire is, Moscow. Didn't you know that?" I answered: "No, I didn't. Oh well, now, I want to find out when we were." I checked my internal clock, and it detected the year. "Oh my goodness! I don't believe it!" I said. "What? What time are we in?" Seth asked. I replied: "We're in the year 1917." Seth delighfully said: "Good, early 20th Century Russia. The founding of the Empire started here. I wonder, how far did Imperial Russia last in your dimension?" I replied to him, telling him about the Russian Revolution and the beginning of the Soviet Union. "Well, I'm not suprised. I can't believe they stirred up a rebellion here. Back in my dimension, they tried, but failed. I think they went to the United States to try, it had suffered a lot from the World War and government power was weakened. I still am studying that part of history, though." I then realized something, and asked Seth "Seth, you're related to the Czar?" Seth replied: "Yes, I am. I am one myself, in a way." I never would have guessed that he would have held a title like that. He inhereted it, and here I thought he just conquered the world without any previous government positions. "Okay, I'm going to try and find a way to get back to our own dimension. Stay with the ship, the last thing I need for you to do is to change history and become your own Grandfather." I told him. "All right, I'll stay. I'll see if I can find the time fluxuation unit aboard this ship and see if I could adjust it so that it would work for you." "Okay." I replied, as I took to the skies. I flew in the direction of Moscow, not knowing what would happen next.
August 8, 1917

Flying to Moscow was probably not a good idea. Once I had arrived at Red Square, people had started to panic. Also, nearby soldiers opened fire on me. Dodging their bullets, I flew back to the crash site.

When I returned, Seth said: "What, no food?" I replied "Food? I become a flying target practice dummy and all you can think of is food?" Seth then said "Well, I should've known you wouldn't of been able to get anything." Looking at the ship, he then tossed me what looked like a wristwatch. "Here, take this. It's a hologram generator. I know that it works, I used it to steal this ship." I put it on, and set it to human. There was a flash, and then I looked human. "Wow, it does work." I said. Seth then tossed me a rather large bag. "Now, go to the marketplace and pick up a wide variety of food. It seems like I stole the ship one day before resupplyment took place." "All right." I said.
I then set out to get to Moscow, which was only a 30 minute walk from the crash site.

Meanwhile, Seth was fixing the time fluxuator. "Now, let's see if I can this working. When I can, I'll use it to open a portal back to 2005, and leave Smart Tech stranded here. Sure, he will still be alive, but I bet that I could take him easier when he's older." Seth's stomach growled. "Boy, I hope he comes back with that food soon. I'm hungry. Good thing the galley is still in-tact," Seth said as he put down the time fluxuator he was working on.
August 12, 1917

I arrived at the Moscow Marketplace. "Now, to get the food." One problem, I didn't have any money to buy it with. "Well, what do you know, he sends you for food, and he doesn't give you the money to pay for it." Looking around, I saw what appeared to be a bank note of some kind. "Good, some Russian currency." What I picked up was 50 Rubles, as they called them. "This should be enough to ensure our survival." I went around the Bazaar, buying Bread, fish, red meat, fruits & vegetables, and some tea leaves, to make into tea. "I think I've gotten enough." Not wanting to walk home again, I used my wings to fly back to the crash site.

Meanwhile, 2 Russian soldiers were walking through the Bazaar. "Did you see that?" Said one of the soldiers. "That guy, he has the wings of a dragon." "Oh, stop it Vlad." Said the other Soldier. "You're seeing things." The Soldier, who's name is Vlad, pointed, and said "Look, near the woods. I see him! Don't you see him?" The other soldier stared in disbelief. "I don't believe it. The Premiere would be quite intrigued in finding out about this." Vlad then said, "Get the troops ready, and let's capture him.

Meanwhile, I returned to the ship. I saw that Seth was still working on the time fluxuator. "I think it's ready. All we have to do is start her up. Oh, I see you brought food. Thanks." I replied: "No problem. They had a good variety at the Bazaar." "Well they should." Said Seth. "Russia gets all kinds of food in trades with its trading partners." Seth was just about ready to sink his teeth into a piece of steak when he said: "Do you hear hoofbeats?" I listened, and replied: "Yes, I do. I wonder what's going on?" Seth said: "You check it out, and I'll stay here." Feeling a little angry, I replied: "No, we're going through this together. So you're coming with me." I dragged him out of the ship. Outside, there were at least 25 Russian Soldiers. Some were on horses, others had walked. They all had guns. "Oh boy, this is not good." I said to Seth.