Favorite films by Pixar?

May 28, 2021
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If you need a refresher on what movies these are: https://www.pixar.com/feature-films-launch

Random thought jot incoming

My favorite Pixar movie is Finding Nemo. Our elementary school played it on DVD for everybody. Unfortunately, we only watched up to the part of Nemo and Dory getting stuck in the dentist office. I have a love for aquatic environments, so I got strongly sucked into this movie. It's my first memory of being completely immersed into something.

I saw Finding Dory as a teenager when it hit theaters. I enjoyed it. My birthday is literally on the week Pixar always releases movies, so my birthday's just consist of "hey, who wants to see pixar with me". Inside Out 2 comes out next month. I can't wait for that. I'm so very excited c-:!

Incredibles 2 was more negative. I saw that at the mall on my birthday. The only seats we could get were front row. Movie Theater front row is not too great. Still enjoyed myself and all.

I saw Brave with my school choir. I didn't like it there, but appreciated it more on a personal rewatch. Felt the same for Toy Story. Didn't appreciate that series at first but liked it when I got older on rewatches. (oddly had the opposite with Toy Story 3? It was the only one I liked, and it wasn't as amazing as I recalled). Also liked Wall-E on first watch, found it boring on the second watch.

These are just a gist of my opinions. I've been a life long fan, so I could go on forever.
The first three Toy Stories were my childhood and I really enjoyed them. I never bothered watching the fourth one since I firmly believe it should’ve ended as a trilogy.

Up is a very sentimental film for me since the main character’s design, backstory, and personality reminded me of my late grandpa. He saw the movie when it premiered a few years before he died and liked it so I wonder if he would’ve agreed with me.

The first Incredibles was a movie my mom and I bonded over when I was growing up. We both loved the characters and their dynamic as a family. We tried the sequel and found it much less enjoyable and interesting.

Wall-E was wonderful and was one of the first stories to get me interested in sci-fi.

Coco was a creative and fun romp I really enjoyed, although I wouldn’t consider it my favorite of Pixar’s.

Onward was overrhated. There were some really funny scenes and I enjoyed seeing the brother’s bond. The animation was gorgeous too.

Inside Out was my favorite Pixar movie for the longest time and I thought it was creative in that classic Pixar way. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

I haven’t watched a lot of the newer Pixar movies out of a lack of interest, but will probably try them eventually since I have Disney+.
Easily Finding Nemo

But I’ll also choose Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 4 as my runner-ups. The other two in the top 5 are Wall-E and Cars.
Inside Out is my favourite Pixar film, as well as one of my favourite animated films in general! It’s also one of the few movies I’ve watched that’ve actually made me cry. No waterworks the first time I watched it, but the second time (which was at school nonetheless), Bing Bong’s death had me tearing up big time, and then again when Riley went home and finally told her parents how she’d been feeling. That movie had NO business hitting me with “take her to the moon for me, okay?” 😭

Now that I’m older and feeling painfully nostalgic most days, the themes of change being difficult, yearning for everything to be the way it was again and struggling to communicate your feelings hit even harder for me now than they did when the film first came out. I’m nervous yet excited for the sequel… Disney/Pixar’s track record with sequels and threequels… and beyond…. isn’t great, but I’m hoping and praying that they do Inside Out 2 justice. If not, well… at least I get to hear Maya Hawke.
The Incredibles
Toy Story 2
Monsters Inc.

The Incredibles is still my favorite Pixar movie.I liked everything they did before it came out(especially Toy Story 2)but The Incredibles was something else with its retro art style and how it plays out like a live action movie.Pixar had a really great run of movies but after Up they started making too many ho-hum sequels.They do a lot better when they come up with original or semi-original ideas.Of their later films I like Coco and even though it's concept was a bit unoriginal,Elemental.Dia De Los Muertos is kind of a thing in my part of the U.S.A. and I like how Pixar incorporated that into Coco.I didn't expect to like Elemental after reading some early reviews but I was pleasantly surprised by that movie and it gave me some hope that maybe Pixar can have another run of great movies in the future.